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School Security

For over 10 years, LSS has been protecting schools, colleges and other educational facilities across Hertfordshire (both public and private), with comprehensive, cost-effective, security.
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Educational Facility Security

Security for Schools Colleges & Nurseries

Through our Information Sharing Agreement with Hertfordshire Police, we are aware of the threats faced by schools and colleges in the form of trespass and break-ins, particularly outside school hours and term times. Criminals are known to target educational facilities for their expensive equipment including laptops, tablet devices and other valuable learning apparatus, often found in larger than normal quantities compared to domestic burglaries.

To help tackle these costly and often devastating break-ins, LSS provide educational premises with specially designed security services, tailored to suit both requirement and budget.

Operating with over 40 local patrol vehicles and a large team of experienced, SIA licensed officers, LSS can attend any situation or alarm call within a matter of minutes, minimising the potential impact a break-in can have on your school. Where necessary, we’ll liaise with police and school staff, fully secure the premises if compromised and provide full reporting on any events.

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School Security Benefits

Alarm Response

When an alarm is activated, we are instantly able to respond. If it is a fire alarm, we will liaise with the fire service. If an intruder alarm is triggered, we will immediately despatch a security officer, who has the training to apprehend and detain any persons unlawfully on the premises and call the police. We are able to call an emergency contact and arrange to secure a building.

Keeping staff safe

Keyholding is a responsible job, having to attend when an alarm goes off in the middle of the night can be at best a nuisance and at worst a danger. Confronting someone engaging in illegal activity is not for the faint hearted and can put that person at risk of serious harm. A security responder is fully trained for such a situation and knows the protocol of dealing with it.

Opening and Closing

We can open your premises in the morning and lock up at close of play. Carrying out security checks where needed and setting alarms. This service provides a reassuring layer of security to any business. Having several sets of keys with individual employees can lead to breaches in security and issues with insurance companies if something should happen.

Services Access

We can attend your property to let tradesmen and contractors into the building and stay to provide security for your business. It could be for work being done overnight or at the weekend whilst your facility is closed. It is important that your premises are always protected when you are not in attendance.

Emergency Contacts

As a trusted key holder, we are able to securely keep a list of all your emergency contacts and alarm codes. In the event of any emergency, it is a huge advantage to have all this information to hand immediately. If a false alarm is triggered, having the reset codes instantly available makes a situation much less stressful.

Security Patrol check

LSS London as a security and keyholding company are able to randomly check your premises during the night ensuring a visible presence from time to time, this can act as a deterrent to criminal activity. Having a high visibility vehicle with a uniformed officer attend your property will show you are serious about security.

Any Time, Any Situation

Tailored solutions for any requirement or budget

Our Keyholding & Alarm Response service costs only £2 per day* and can be activated on the same day as enquiry. This valuable service can be combined with other LSS solutions including: daily lock-up & unlocking, perimeter & building checks (at night or during school holidays) and even a guarded security presence to assist in the safeguarding of students and staff.

*Service billed annually – Callout fees from only £40 – Excludes VAT


What is key holding?

A key holding service protects business owners and their employees by keeping a spare set of keys to company property or assets. The keys are securely stored, and the service provides 24 hour assistance, alarm response and security.  Engaging a keyholding service with a security provider such as LSS London means that you can rest assured that should an alarm go off, or there is an out of hours intruder there will be an immediate response by a trained security officer.

Why do I need a key holder service?

If an alarm is activated out of hours there is a need for a designated key holder to attend the property. If this is a business owner or employee, it can be an issue if that person is not in the area or is unable to attend. This delay can leave a business vulnerable to increased loss. A highly trained response officer can instantly be despatched and is able to deal with whatever situation they face. If someone is still on the property our responder can handle this in a professional and efficient manner whilst awaiting a police presence.

School Security from only £2 per day
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School Security

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