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LSS London provide an elite security service to protect your vacant property from harm. Vacant property is often targeted by intruders, thieves and vandals. We can provide a comprehensive security service ensuring your property or premises is secure, safe and monitored at all times.
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When a property is vacant it is a magnet to crime. Vandalism, arson, fly tipping and theft are huge issues. As well as loss there can be enormous cost implications when it comes to repairing or making good any damage. Squatting is major concern as it can take a considerable amount of time to serve eviction notices. Another consideration is that anyone injured whilst on your property even illegally, can bring injury claims against you.

LSS London provide vacant property security and protection across London and the South East. Vacant Property Security needs to be tailored to the property, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We can offer vacant property protection on a small, terraced house, an empty retail unit or a large commercial building.

We understand that you may need either a long term vacant property security solution or just require a short period of protection. For example we are often under instruction from landlords to secure properties for a short time between lettings, a cost effective way of protecting an asset.

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Vacant Property Security Benefits

Protect Assets

A property is an asset, when an empty property is broken into the asset devalues if it is damaged. Repairs can be costly and time consuming. Even if there are no contents as such, a place can be stripped of metals and other materials.

Insurance Needs

If your vacant property is not adequately secured this can affect an insurance pay out. In fact, many insurance companies insist upon empty property security or will not offer cover. A costly risk to take if you choose not to comply.

Building Site

Many construction sites have building materials of high value, these need the best protection a security company can offer. We can provide a service tailored to your individual needs. We offer security patrols, dogs, CCTV and a wealth of knowledge.

Patrol visits

LSS London provide a security patrol service with high visibility vehicles and uniformed officers. We can arrange to be on site 24 hours a day or visit at random times to check on a property and make sure all is well internally.

Risk Assessment

We can provide a detailed risk assessment of the property. We will point out weaknesses in security and suggest solutions, many of which we can supply to ensure the premises is as secure as possible.

Value for Money

Security may appear as an unnecessary added expense but in the long term it will more than pay for itself. A vacant property without adequate security can become a liability with much added expense.

Any Time, Any Situation

Bespoke vacant property security

At LSS London we appreciate that every client has individual vacant property security needs, even if it’s just keyholding or alarm response. Working across London and the South East we have extensive experience in securing empty property. We can tailor our vacant property management to suit both the property and your budget.

We can offer a simple random patrol service or a comprehensive vacant property security service with security guards on site and CCTV coverage. LSS are able to arrange boarding up, strong locks, steel doors and window cover. Whatever security package you decide on, rest assured every client is important to us. As an added benefit LSS London have an information sharing relationship with the police, this helps us to assess what the local issues are when looking at protecting your property.

LSS London are on hand for a chat if you need some advice on property protection services. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can suggest the options open to you and with you put together the best solution for your needs.

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Vacant Property Security

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