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Over half (51%) of small and medium sized businesses in the UK have been targeted by crime, costing owners up to £25m – or £2,625 for every crime. Sadly, businesses are being repeatedly takes every spare minute you have, and the less time you spend worrying about things like safety and security, the more you can focus on growing your business. At London Security Syndicate we help you protect your business and livelihood – providing business security solutions to deliver.

Commercial Security Services

AED Delivery

Staff are at much higher risk of accident or injury in the work place than at home. With Health & Safety regulations covering for most eventualities AED units, more commonly known as defibrillators, are not mandatory in the workplace but rapid access to one can be critical. London Security Syndicate offer rapid response call outs to the workplace in the event AED delivery is required.

Alarm Response

Responding to a triggered alarm, out of hours, can be inconvenient and not to mention, dangerous. LSS offer emergency alarm response via its commercial security patrols so that you needn’t lift a finger. We will rapidly secure the site, reset the alarm and, if required, await police assistance in your absence. Every London Security Syndicate alarm can be linked to our UK-based Alarm Monitoring Centre.

CCTV & Surveillance

There’s someone keeping an eye on your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, helping to protect not only your premises, employees and assets, but your reputation too. In the event of an incident we will be the first to call the relevant emergency services as well as send our own rapid security response team to offer assistance.

Commercial Site Security

London Security Syndicate offer a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial security including the securing of construction sites. Often left unattended after hours, building sites and scaffolding sites can attract unwanted attention from trespassers. Through a mix of security solutions including alarms, mobile patrols and static guards, LSS ensure your site remains safe and secure.

Emergency Locksmiths

In the event of a break-in or the loss of keys, replacing locks becomes vital to preventing further unwanted access to your premises. London Security Syndicate provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith service with our experienced, fully accredited locksmith specialising in both commercial and residential properties.

Key Holding

London Security Syndicate are trusted Key Holders for hundreds of UK businesses thanks to our trusted staff and excellent response times. With our headquarters based 3 minutes from the M1, and our rapid response mobile units operating around the entire M25, London Security Syndicate are ready to assist in instances where the primary key holder is unavailable.

Mobile Dog Units

Aside from being fearsome deterrents, our fully trained and expert handled mobile dog units provide us with unique tools in combating both residential and commercial crime. With an ability to sense and locate unwanted presence our mobile dog units are a key part of the London Security Syndicate team.

Mobile Patrol Units

The key to successfully combating commercial crime is prevention. Our mobile security units provide 24hr security protection for commercial estates and offices, supported by a team of security guards with vehicles that provide a visible yet discrete level of security. An effective deterrent against trespassers.

Static Guards

Our static guards are ideal for commercial and gated areas that require 24hr security and access protection. This can include fixed/static guards in fixed locations with or without patrol dogs. This can be enhanced with mobile patrol units and the latest technology in security devices to ensure your property is protected from unauthorised access. The ultimate in protection through deterrent.

Window Boarding

Unwanted access to your commercial property can be of great concern, especially if the building is vacant. In remote areas especially, window boarding helps to prevent unwanted access to your property and reduces the risk of vandalism to windows. Window boarding also provides a fast and short term solution to preventing further unwanted access after a break-in.


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