Sheds are different things to different people! A workshop, a home gym, a delightful garden room, that home spa for relaxing in the hot tub. Maybe you have installed a bar for entertaining friends and family. Or is it just full of garden equipment, tools and bicycles?

When it comes to securing our outside buildings, we perhaps don’t always put a lot of thought into the value of their contents and how much it would cost to replace those items. Not securing your outbuilding sufficiently could also give a would-be burglar access to a large number of tools or ladders to assist in breaking into your home.

LSS London have an information-sharing agreement with Hertfordshire Police and have been notified of over 40 reports of theft from sheds and outbuildings across the county in March alone this year. There is always a rise in this type of burglary at this time of year. Thieves count on the fact that we may have purchased new expensive gardening equipment. There is a possibility of high-end bikes and exercise equipment also being stored in outbuildings, all adding up to a very nice haul for thieves.

There are a lot of ways to make breaking into your outbuilding just a little bit harder.

  • Make your garden more secure by locking side & back gates, as well as ensuring fences and boundary walls are in good order.
  • Motion-activated lights are a great deterrent.
A motion-activated security light that is mounted on a wall.
Motion-activated security lights are an excellent, cost-effective security deterrent.
  • Plant thorny plants like roses and pyracantha along borders to deter thieves.
  • Lock the door with two hasp and staple locks, top and bottom.
  • Keep all tools locked away so you don’t supply a useful means for breaking in.
Many tools that are kept in garden sheds are ideal for breaking into your property.
  • Keep wheelie bins away from fences so they cannot be used as a climbing aid.
  • Consider additional side or floor locks for an up-and-over metal garage door as these are easily broken into.
  • Security-mark valuable equipment and bikes, as if they are stolen there is a chance of getting them back if recovered.
  • Motion-sensitive alarms are available at a very low cost for inside the shed.
  • Attach a security camera if you have a power point in the outbuilding or alternatively put up a dummy camera.

Although it is not always possible to secure your outbuilding as well as your home, deterrents are a great way of preventing an opportunist thief. Burglars want to be in and out as quickly as possible and really don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

The contents of your outbuildings will likely be covered by your home contents insurance, be sure to itemise any items of high value with your insurance company.

Having CCTV cameras and alarms around your property can lower your insurance premiums. If you need further advice on CCTV or other home security measures, please contact LSS London. Think smart to protect your property, and don’t become a victim of crime.