The latest statistics on business burglaries show a sharp rise in the UK. Across Greater London, the Metropolitan police have reported a 33% increase in break-ins and theft on commercial property over the past three years.

As thieves are becoming bolder and increasingly prepared to take greater risks, you must ensure your business has the best level of security in place.

As a business owner, you may feel that you have all your security covered, but it is essential that you revisit any security plan regularly as needs may have changed over time. All employees must be kept up to date on your business’s security guidelines to maintain a safe and secure office.

There are numerous ways to enhance the security of your office premises to protect your employees, visitors, and contents.

1. Staff & Visitor Log

In a small office, it may not be a necessity to have a staff log, however, in a larger concern when not everyone knows each other there is a need to know who is in the building. This is beneficial not only for security but also for emergencies.

If you are expecting a visitor, it is recommended to let reception know so there is no need to investigate why someone is visiting, this will show a professional touch while maintaining a secure location.

All visitors or maintenance workers should be screened efficiently, ensuring that the individual visiting has a right to be there.

A visitor log is a great way of recording movement in and out of the building, reception should enter the time in and out so if there is an incident of any kind there is a clear picture of who was present at the time.

2. Invest in CCTV and alarm systems

CCTV and alarm systems safeguard the premises 24/7. CCTV can monitor people entering and exiting the building, they can provide evidence if an incident occurs. CCTV and alarm systems are not only effective in keeping the premises safe, but they also act as a deterrent, criminals will avoid being caught on camera at any cost.

3. Office Equipment & Data

Every office has valuable electronic equipment such as computers, tablets and scanners that are worth thousands of pounds to a criminal.  These electronics hold a lot of sensitive and confidential data relating to customers and employees, the theft of these could be extremely damaging to the reputation of your business.  There is also likely to be a lot of confidential paperwork in many offices, this must be secured safely to prevent a data breach. Electronic access doors and locked file rooms are advisable in offices with a lot of footfall.

4. Employee Awareness

Regularly educate your employees as to the security needs of your business. Update training every six months to a year to make sure everyone know how important security is within the business.

Review details on how to keep or dispose of confidential information or paperwork, there is a legal requirement to safeguard this. A business that is not taking the right measures to protect customer data is not only causing their business to be vulnerable but they could also be prosecuted for breaching data laws.

Advise employees that it is okay to question an unknown individual on the premises, better to be safe than sorry.

Ensure that every employee knows the importance of password security. The password is necessary to safeguard that employee, they should never share their password, or give details to anyone inside or outside of the business. If their password is used in illegal activities or a colleague uses it incorrectly, it will be traced back to the password holder, which could result in a disciplinary or a prosecution.

5. Security Personnel

It may be that your business could benefit from engaging a professional security company. A professional security business like LLS London can help you implement an added level of security to your business. We can provide CCTV and alarm systems, SIA-licenced security guards for reception or the outside of the building, mobile security units to check on the premises out of hours or keyholding services to respond immediately to any incident.

LSS can provide individually tailored packages offering you the maximum security available for your business. We are trusted keyholders to hundreds of businesses across London and the South East and our keyholding service starts at a cost of £2 per day. Call LSS London on 0330 1330 226 for further information and a free, no-obligation site survey.