LSS have been providing security services for businesses across London and the Home Counties for over 10 years., We felt it might be informative to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions put to us when we meet a potential client.

Do you respond to all alarms?

LSS will respond to both a burglar alarm and a fire alarm. This service is called keyholding, when an alarm is activated our rapid response security patrol will attend the scene immediately. In the event of a break in our personnel are highly trained and will apprehend any criminals still on site, secure the premises and liaise with the police.

In the event of a fire alarm, we will liaise with the fire service and ensure that the property and its contents remain secure during an incident and afterward.

Do you respond to CCTV activations?

As part of your keyholding contract, LSS will respond to any CCTV activation, even if there appears to be no breach of the premises.

Do you provide a patrol service?

We have teams of highly trained security officers who drive our high-visibility patrol vehicles. They can randomly patrol the area and check the premises as often as you require day and night.

Mobile patrols are proven to be a great deterrent to criminals as often they will not chance being disturbed by security officers.

Does my business get a written report on an incident?

We provide a detailed report on any incident we attend; this can be useful going forward with any future risk assessments.

How do I know your Security Officers are qualified & trustworthy?

We only employ SIA-registered security personnel. The SIA licence is a legal requirement and proves that the licence holder has undergone proper and effective training in security services. The individual will have been subjected to a thorough background check to confirm that there have been no convictions or incidents in their past.

Are your security packages flexible?

We know every business is different and therefore their security needs are likely to vary. We can put together a tailored package that suits the requirements and budget of your business.

Is security expensive?

Security costs vary from business to business and our keyholding service starts at just £2 a day. We can provide a wide range of services including static guards, CCTV vehicles, dog patrols, waking watch, front-of-house security and many other options to protect your business.

We are happy to meet with you, conduct a site survey and give you a no-obligation free quote on the services we feel would be beneficial to your business. Many clients get in touch after an incident has occurred and they have already incurred loss and costs to repair damaged property, so it pays to secure your business from today. Call London Security Syndicate on 0330 1330 226 for more information.