As you go about your daily life do you ever think about the personnel around you that keep you safe? The people in the background of an ordinary day when you are out and about working, shopping or socialising with friends and family, security personnel are a big part of making sure people and property are protected.

Law-abiding citizens give little thought to the fact that security guards are keeping an eye on everyone, either in person or through CCTV feeds. Most people find their presence reassuring as they often deter criminals or anti-social behaviour, preventing theft and violence towards members of the public, the security guard has a very important role in today’s world.

Highly trained Security personnel are a valuable commodity for every business and organisation. They have an essential place in commercial businesses and in a residential situation, protecting people and property from harm. Security guards not only prevent crime they can facilitate evacuations quickly and effectively in the case of fire or other threat.

A security guard can be a welcoming addition to the front of the house in a business, greeting and screening all visitors to the premises. They can work within a business to ensure employees are not stealing from their employer, unfortunately, this can account for a large amount of theft from many companies.

There are many qualities necessary for a first-rate security guard, the most important ones being:


Honesty and trustworthiness are probably the most important of all qualities necessary for being a security guard. They must be relied upon to always do the right thing and not bend the rules. Having high moral principles is a valuable trait in a security guard.

Great Communication Skills

A security officer needs to be able to clearly communicate with people from all walks of life. They should be respectful toward everyone but also prepared to challenge individuals where necessary. This may be in a criminal capacity or just that someone is choosing to break the rules or protocol within the business.

In the event of any incident, a security officer needs to be able to liaise with the emergency services and submit a full and detailed written report.

Cool & Level Headed

A great security guard must be always ready to act when any security threat arises. This could mean alerting emergency services, removal of an individual or a complete evacuation in the event of a fire. The position requires a quick-thinking individual who can take control immediately in a calm and orderly manner.

In the case of a confrontation of any kind, they are trained to defuse a difficult situation, possibly protecting staff from abuse or assault. This has become a big issue for shop and hospitality staff over the last few years and more businesses are choosing to employ security personnel for this very reason.

Team Player

Security officers seldom work alone, if they are not employed within the business they are protecting, they often have security teams on call ready to back them up if required. A security officer can become part of the reception team in a company or organisation, covering reception duties and protecting the business from harm.


A security officer must be reliable, they should always be punctual and be where they need to be. They must be alert at all times and keep up to date with any changes that a business makes that affect its security.

Physical Fitness

Working as a security guard can sometimes involve either chasing someone or physically restraining an individual that is likely to cause someone harm. Having a good degree of fitness is therefore necessary to carry out the job well.  

Well Groomed

A security guard should be smart and well-groomed. A uniform will always portray authority and give credibility to the important role of protection personnel. Some businesses like their security personnel to wear suits if they are working in a reception capacity, however, it remains essential that security officers are smartly dressed.

LSS London insists on employing only the highest calibre security personnel, we recognize the job needs intelligent individuals with great people and organisational skills. There are many more young professional people taking on a career in security, it is a growing industry that is going from strength to strength.

If you are interested in reviewing your security needs either in your business or for your home, please get in touch with LSS London, we provide tailored packages to suit your requirements and budget.

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