Security is of paramount importance in all businesses and organisations. A lack of adequate security to protect people and assets can not only affect a business financially it can affect its reputation and standing.

There are several reasons that you may need to consider private security for your workplace and if any of the points below concern you, now is the time to act.

1. Theft

Theft can mean different things to different businesses. In a retail environment, this could mean shoplifting or employee theft. There has been a considerable rise in shoplifting in the past 6 months that cameras and security tags alone cannot control.

In an office, your concern may be theft of information, office supplies or any goods on the premises. Warehouses can be rife for theft by unauthorised personnel who gain access to the premises and sadly employees too. The presence of a security guard acts not only as a deterrent to crime but there is also the advantage of a trained officer being able to safely apprehend a criminal if required.

2. Violence

Violence is always a worry for any business, so protecting your workforce and any visitors to your premises is essential. Dealing with a criminal or an aggressive customer is often difficult and in the worst-case scenario can lead to physical assault. Professional security guards are trained to handle confrontations and defuse difficult situations, protecting both people and property. Having a security officer on site means no employee or business owner is put in harm’s way.

3. Prevention of unwanted visitors

If you are a business, retail or otherwise, that has visitors on a regular basis during the day or night, having a security guard ensures that the visitors you have are welcome, authorised and not there for criminal purposes.

4. Vandalism

Vandalism can be an issue for many businesses, not only is it distressing, but it can also be very costly and time-consuming to fix. A security guard can be employed to prevent acts of theft and vandalism during working hours, and when the premises is closed there is the option of a 24-hour security guard or a rapid response service to a motion-activated CCTV alarm system or any alarm triggered.

5. Emergency response plan

In the case of an emergency a trained security officer can take control immediately, they will, if necessary, evacuate a building efficiently, protecting employees and visitors. A security officer will liaise with the fire service, ambulance service and police and will produce a detailed report on any incident or situation.

In the event of a fire, a security officer can protect the building and any assets whilst repairs and renovation works are being done. Any sort of building or repair work can leave a business open to theft.

6. Secure opening and closing of premises

Many businesses have employees coming and going at different times. A security guard can double up on reception to keep the premises secure and workers safe. A security firm can undertake to open and close a business to ensure alarms are set and keys safely stored. They can also provide a keyholding service for a rapid response to any alarm triggered.

7. Protection of data and confidential information

Larger businesses often have many people visiting, and this can allow criminals to slip in and steal any sensitive information, this can be extremely damaging to a business and shake clients’ confidence. A security guard is a deterrent and will be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. They can work alongside your employees and vet any visitors whilst remaining welcoming and courteous.

If you are looking for a professional security company to protect your business, LSS London has for over 10 years been a trusted supplier of security services for hundreds of businesses across London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. We insist on training our security personnel to the highest standard and have always stayed true to our company motto ‘Protection Through Excellence’.

At LSS we can tailor our services to meet both your requirements and budget, we are able to advise you on site as to what security you should consider and offer a free no no-obligation quotation. To find out more please get in touch, call us, drop us an email or submit your enquiry via the form on our website.