New Year’s Eve for many is the last opportunity to have fun, dance the night away and enjoy a glass or two of bubbles before the festive season draws to a close. There is however a darker side to the last night of the year, some people will stumble home sleepy with sore feet and sore heads to find their homes have been burgled.

It is a shocking fact that almost three-quarters of convicted burglars put New Year’s Eve at the top of their list for the best time to break into properties. Criminals know that many people will be out partying, and their homes are full of new and expensive gifts from Christmas.

Insurance companies say that the top six items a burglar looks for are money, credit cards, jewellery, cameras, laptops and game consoles. There are a few steps you can take to protect your home and contents from criminals and some of them are quite simple.

  • Don’t advertise your movements on social media, even if your settings are private, chances are you may not be able to trust every ‘friend’ on Facebook. And note that if you do post that you are off to a party or away your insurance company may dispute your claim if it arises as they will consider you made yourself a target.
  • Check the locks on all your doors and windows, a lot of people have been at home for a week or more and windows may have been unlocked.
  • Set up timers for your indoor lights, a house in darkness looks promising to a burglar. Consider installing motion-sensitive lights or CCTV outside your home back and front, both are inexpensive to purchase and easy to install.
  • Video doorbells are a good deterrent as sometimes a burglar will knock or ring your doorbell to see if someone is at home, they do not want their face captured on camera.
  • An alarm system is a great deterrent and can get you a reduction on your insurance policy.
  • Perhaps leave some music playing so there will be a bit of noise if someone checks through the letter box.
  • If you are leaving your car at home, do not leave keys on view through windows. Keep them in a Faraday pouch, which stops the signal from being picked up by a thief enabling them to steal your vehicle.

LSS London have been trusted security specialists in London, the Home Counties and surrounding areas for over 15 years. We have an extensive range of security solutions to protect both commercial businesses and residential properties. For the homeowner, there are several services we can offer that will give you peace of mind 24/7 whether you are at home or away.  

Our residential services include:

  • Rapid alarm response for domestic alarm calls.
  • Key Holding is a useful backup if you lose your keys or need us to attend your home.
  •  A wheelie bin service, we can put out or bring in your bins if you are away, bins not moving can be a sign to a burglar that you are not in residence.
  • Meet and greet is a service that you may require if you feel vulnerable arriving home late at night, by calling us in advance we can arrange for one of our security officers to meet you at your property.
  • Our SIA-licenced security officers in Hi-Vis vehicles can patrol randomly outside your home and check the perimeter.

All our services can be individually tailored to your needs, call LSS London now for more information on how we can protect you, your home and your family.