As the cost of living bites across the UK, there has been a notable rise in crime. The winter months with low light during the day and longer hours of darkness all add up to the perfect conditions for burglars to break into our properties. Without added measures our houses can instantly tell the world we are not at home.

In Bushey, Radlett and surrounding areas there appears to be an increase in burglaries week on week. In Bushey, by the end of the first week of January there were no fewer than six burglaries reported within 8 days, 3 of those occurring in a single day. This would suggest an organised crime gang has targeted properties in Bushey, intentionally. Each week our patrol teams are hearing reports of more burglaries within the area, giving us all cause for concern.

Entry to many properties has been accessed through an upstairs window with thieves targeting small domestic safes, typically stored in wardrobes or cupboards. When we leave our home we usually check doors and downstairs windows and sometimes don’t give thought to securing first floor windows. It is advisable that these are locked as criminals are aware that these are often missed when leaving our property.

If you have a balcony, flat roof, adjoining garage or conservatory be aware these platforms can make it easy for a thief to enter your property on another level.  It is advisable to look at these areas and work out how you can make them as secure and inaccessible as possible.

Make sure your garden shed is locked at all times and ensure that any tools or ladders that may be of use to break into your home are securely stored.

A few key measures may be enough to stop an opportunist thief from gaining entry to your property:

Functional Alarm System

CCTV Cameras

Motion Sensors and Lighting

Interior Lights on Timers

Fake TV Lights

Dogs, particularly larger breeds and vocal dogs

Security Gates

Keeping fences and hedges maintained

There are numerous ways to secure your property, all of which we are always happy to advise on and in many instances can actively prevent the risk of falling victim to burglary. Call our residential security team today to find out more about our Residential Security Patrols.