The Christmas countdown is on, are you and your business ready for it? The festive season can for many businesses be the busiest time of the year. For others, things are winding down and the workforce is looking forward to some well-deserved downtime.

As a business owner or manager, it is important to have the right security in place to protect your business and employees. So, before you break out the bubbles and mince pies consider the following tips to ensure you keep your business safe and secure.

Camera Checks

Check your CCTV is in good working order, if you don’t have good camera coverage your business may be compromised, thieves often know camera black spots and will take advantage of them.

Additional Security Personnel

Thieves are aware that your workforce may be extremely busy and distracted and this is when they strike. Employing a professional security guard will deter thieves and protect your valuable stock, theft is at an all-time high currently and is likely to get much worse over the next couple of months.

Early Openings, Late Lock-ups & Deliveries

In retail and hospitality, the days are longer, deliveries more frequent and everyone is busier. A professional security company can be enlisted to unlock your premises and receive deliveries taking the pressure off you and your employees. This keyholding service can be invaluable all year round.

Employ a Keyholding Service & Relax

Picture the scene, you have just settled down in from of the TV wearing your Christmas slippers ready to delve into a big tub of chocolates only to get a notification that an alarm has been triggered at work. You are the designated keyholder and therefore must attend, not knowing what you may encounter. Professional security companies can take the pressure off you and any other keyholders in your company by providing a keyholding service.

LSS London are a professional security specialist and trusted keyholder of many businesses across London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Our highly trained SIA licenced officers provide an immediate response to an alarm activation and give you the peace of mind that your business security is in good hands.  

Our security officers can reset alarms and liaise with emergency services. They are trained to apprehend any intruder on the premises and will detain an individual until police arrive.

Christmas Functions & Parties

When entertaining large groups of people having a security guard is always a good idea. A security officer can meet and greet guests and ensure they are on the invitation list. They are trained to diffuse any problems that might occur through individuals drinking too much and possibly spoiling the occasion. They are there to keep an eye on everyone ensuring your employees and guests are safely enjoying your hospitality. In the event of an emergency, they have all the relevant training to take charge and make sure any incidents are correctly managed, protecting both people and property.

If you would like further information on how LSS London can protect your business, your premises and your home please do not hesitate to contact us, by phone, by email or submit your query on our online form. We can discuss your security concerns and put together a free no no-obligation quotation for a tailored security package that is perfect for you to protect all that is important to you.