Thefts of construction machinery, equipment and materials from construction sites across the UK cost the industry in excess of an eyewatering £800 million a year.

Construction sites are often targeted by organised criminal gangs who sell everything on through a booming black market. There are numerous unscrupulous builders and tradesmen who are willing to buy stolen goods in order to save on costs. Alternatively, opportunist thieves may sell tools and machinery through online marketplaces and car boot sales to unknowing members of the public.

These huge thefts are often not reported in the media but have far reaching implication for everyone. Insurance company pay-outs affect all of us, the more pay outs in claims, the higher premiums become across the whole insurance market.

Criminal gangs are very well versed in stripping a construction site overnight. They are equipped with adequate transport and the tools to overcome padlocks and chains.

There are ways construction companies can help secure a site both day and night.

  • Close gates and van doors when working on site.
  • Don’t leave valuable materials unsecured day or night.
  • Take keys out of machinery when not in use during the day.
  • Keep hand tools and small machinery in a locked metal container overnight.
  • Ensure there is good metal fencing and gates.
  • Park plant in a compound area overnight.
  • Security mark all tools, plant and machinery.
  • Consult a security company such as LSS London, as all the above measures only go a little way to protect against organised thieves.

When a site is robbed the fallout can be enormous. Initially there is the time wasted dealing with insurance companies and seeking replacement tools, machinery and supplies. There can be an additional financial burden if there is a time clause on the contract. Supply chain issues of some good can cause problems and of course material and equipment costs continue to rise so this, and any delay can impact on profit margins.

The theft of construction equipment is and will continue to drive up building costs across the country as businesses seek to compensate for their losses.

There is a great need for security to be prioritised on construction sites. LSS London specialise in commercial security protecting all property on site. We can provide manned security if required or provide the latest state-of-art mobile CCTV vans, these are often a more affordable option by up to half the cost of a static security guard and can be supplied at short notice. All units are fully managed, remotely monitored and any activation will be swiftly responded to by our professional response team. 

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