Over the last month LSS have been informed of an increasing number of attempted and successful Range Rover thefts in the Totteridge area.
Thieves are exploiting the key-less entry systems on these vehicles using a cheap, easy to buy, signal reflectors. The simple gadget allows criminals to divert the vehicles wireless key signal from inside your property to your vehicle outside in a matter of seconds. The signal then unlocks the car allowing thieves to enter the vehicle quietly and start the engine via it’s keyless ignition button.

Range Rovers in particular have been targeted recently with several vehicles stolen from the Totteridge area in broad daylight whilst their owners are at home.

Range Rovers aren’t the only key-less vehicles falling victim to theft. Many leading vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc all utilise keyless technology which has led to a sharp rise in high-value vehicle thefts in the last several years. For more information on keyless car theft check out this article by Herts Police.

To prevent thefts of this nature, as well as more traditional break-ins, LSS advise owners of these vehicles to block vehicles in if possible. If you have a vehicle with traditional entry keys try and use this vehicle to block your keyless vehicle in, thus making it much harder car thief to succeed.

If you’re concerned about vehicle theft and would like to put measures in place to prevent such a thing happening, contact LSS to discuss your security requirements and what you can do to prevent the theft of your vehicle. LSS Residential Patrol clients can now benefit from our Rapid Response Service ProResponse+. A specially designed, state of the art sensor and surveillance system that sends LSS Patrol Units real time notifications in the event a sensor is triggered.