As the government continues to relax its travel restrictions, Brits are jetting off on much needed breaks, both abroad and in the UK. One group of people who will not be taking a holiday this summer are burglars and vehicle thieves. 

With millions spending prolonged periods at home over the past 18 months, burglars have been hit hard, with fewer opportunities to target vacant homes. As residents get back to ‘normal life’, criminals are making up for lost time.

If you are going on holiday, whether it’s a short weekend break or a fortnight overseas, we encourage clients to contact LSS regarding your vacation dates so that our patrol teams can take the necessary steps to safeguard your home. This includes regular checks on vehicles, access points and perimeter checks as well as wheelie bin ‘put-out and collection’ service. Wheelie bins being left out are a tell-tale sign that a property may be unattended when not retrieved after waste collection days.

LSS also offer an exclusive meet and greet service which includes an LSS officer welcoming you back to your property on arrival and ensuring the property is safe from intruders and unwanted guests.

If you are planning on going away, LSS have compiled a short list of precautions you can take to limit the risk of a break in or burglary.

  • Block in more desirable vehicles, in particular high value, keyless entry vehicles with a less desirable, more secure vehicle.
  • Keep vehicle keys away from doors and windows using a faraday pouch or box if required. You can purchase a luxury Theft Block pouch or box direct from the LSS store.
  • Talk to LSS about our trusted keyholding service – if you lose your house keys whilst away LSS can quickly and efficiently reissue you with house keys on arrival back home.
  • If viable, take your vehicle keys with you or contact LSS to arrange a keyholding service to keep your keys safe.
  • If available, ensure driveway gates are locked.
  • Always test your home alarm system before activating. You may not be aware of a fault in your system that could prove costly.
  • Ensure all CCTV and security systems are working correctly and if activated the appropriate action can be taken.
  • If your contract includes such services, let LSS know the dates of your vacation so that they can perform the necessary tasks to safeguard your home.
  • Use timers for lights in various living spaces to give the illusion that someone is home. Similarly a radio or TV set on a timer could deter criminals.
  • Ensure exterior lights are working with movement detection lights being most effective at deterring trespassers.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked, including cat/dog flaps.
  • Hide expensive goods such as tablets, laptops and jewellery in a suitable place, away from sight of windows.
  • Ensure your exclusive LSS plaque is visible, close to all access points of the property. Deterrence is the single largest crime prevention tool. Order your plaques online today from our store.