We are always shocked when reading a report of a street robbery, it makes us feel vulnerable as often this criminal act appears to be random and could happen to anyone. Violent street robbery is thankfully pretty rare, most street crime theft is pickpocketing or a grab & snatch, there are numerous ways to protect yourself and prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Look Confident

If you walk and hold yourself confidently, you are much less likely to be targeted. Stay aware of your surroundings but avoid direct eye contact with anyone.

Route Planning

If you are unfamiliar with your journey, plan your route beforehand. Try not to use a map or navigation aid on your phone whilst walking. If you can, keep to the main roads, well-lit areas, and avoid alleyways and quieter roads. It is far safer to walk where there are more people around.

Don’t walk with Earbuds or Headphones

Listening to your tunes while walking is not a great idea, not only are you unaware of your surroundings or footsteps behind you, but the headphones may also make you a potential target.
Designer Handbags

A beautiful designer handbag may look stylish, but it may make you a target for a street robbery. A thief sees not only an expensive bag but also the probability that there is likely to be a purse with lots of cash and credit cards, a decent mobile phone, an electronic tablet and other goodies within.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Keep your mobile phone and any valuables out of sight. Using your phone while walking takes your attention away from your surroundings and a mobile can be easily snatched from your hands. If you wear an expensive watch or jewellery keep it covered, watch robbery is a growing problem in many major towns and cities. The market for expensive designer second-hand watches is lucrative and organised crime gangs are on the lookout for desirable timepieces on the wrists of well-heeled pedestrians.

Coffee Stop

When stopping for a bite to eat or a drink don’t put your mobile phone, wallet or bag on the table, many people lose their valuables that way. Bags or rucksacks should be placed in front of you in full view, leaving them on the back of a chair is never a good idea.

Keep your House Keys close to Hand

When travelling home at night, have your keys ready to unlock your front door as having to fumble through a bag to find your keys whilst on the doorstep could make you vulnerable to a thief.

Keep Yourself Safe

If worse comes to worse and you are threatened with violence by a street robber, don’t risk your personal safety. Never fight back as a criminal could have a weapon and in a desperate situation be prepared to use it on you. Always try to remember that the belongings can be replaced.

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