The start of a new year is the perfect time to review your business security arrangements. Business security needs often change from year to year, it is easy to be complacent and leave things as they are, but it is imperative that your security is as good as it can be to protect your company’s assets, personnel, visitors and maintain your business’s reputation.

Crimes involving theft and aggressive behaviour towards personnel in businesses are at an all-time high. Criminals are prepared to take greater risks to commit theft, and many know how to get around older security systems. If you currently engage with a security company and have done so for some time, it is advisable to reassess and speak with them as well as alternative security specialists to ensure you have adequate security services for your needs. Possibly arrange a free inspection with other security firms to see if there are ways of enhancing your company’s protection or getting a more competitive price for all that your business requires.

Meeting with a professional trusted security company like LSS London can be of great benefit to a business, we can provide a free inspection of your premises and will discuss with you your security concerns and assess what we can do to alleviate those concerns.

LSS London have an information-sharing agreement with the police and can advise you of the current crime trends in your area, we can detail where your company may have weaknesses and suggest ways of protecting your business and personnel. We can put together a bespoke package that suits both your needs and budget.

There are a wide range of services that can be offered from keyholding services which protect your business 24/7 from only £2 per day to full security patrol officers on site. We can provide CCTV & Alarm response, dog patrols, security vehicle patrols and concierge services to name but a few. We believe you should only pay for the security services your business requires; one size does not fit all.

LSS London has SIA Licenced security officers who are trained to the highest standard. Our officers can work front-of-house and be representatives of your company, they will work alongside your personnel and be professional and welcoming to your visitors whilst safeguarding your business from harm. We have hi-vis patrol vehicles with security personnel available as a rapid response to a triggered alarm or as a visible deterrent to criminals.

We at LSS have been protecting businesses and residential properties across London, the Home Counties and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Our company motto, ‘Protection Through Excellence’ is the ethos that sits at the very foundation of our business, meaning we consider that our clientele expect and deserve the very best service.

Get in touch with LSS London to find out more, we can offer a complimentary site survey and no obligation competitive quote for a security package that will give you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected 24/7.