With keyless entry vehicle thefts on the rise, LSS has teamed up with luxury signal blocker box and pouch manufacturer, Theft Block.

As previously reported by LSS, there is an alarming number of keyless-entry vehicles being stolen every day across London and the South East. Criminals are utilising relatively cheap and easily attainable, low-tech equipment to reflect the signal of keyless-entry car fobs from inside homes to unlock vehicles parked outside. Range Rovers, Land Rovers, Mercedes and other luxury vehicles have been particularly vulnerable with organised crime gangs ‘stealing-to-order’.

Theft Block’s stunning range of luxury signal blocker boxes and pouches allow you to safely store car keys thanks to a double layer of RFID material, designed to block signal waves from external interference. These stylish storage solutions are available in a range of colours, finished in a premium suede material. The pouches are also suitable for protecting mobile phones and wallets from ill-intentioned individuals whilst on the go.

You can now order Theft Block Luxury Signal Blocker Boxes and Pouches directly from the LSS Store.

Click here to purchase yours today (delivery in 1-2 working days)