LSS London is pleased to welcome new Business Development Manager, Chris O’Neill.

Chris has joined the LSS management team at its Hertfordshire-based headquarters and will oversee a number of operational roles including client relations and service expansion. Chris brings a wealth of experience in both B2B and B2C service sectors with an exceptional track-record of building strong, lasting client relationships through his attention to detail and ability to identify opportunities, for both the client and the company.

Speaking on his recent appointment, Chris shares why LSS was a ‘perfect fit’ and how he’ll look to succeed in his new role;

“LSS are a company I’ve been aware of for some time now and that’s very much down to the excellent reputation the team here have built in the last 10 years or so. I don’t think I ever made it to or from work in my previous job without seeing one of the LSS cars nipping about on their patrols – I never thought I’d actually be out meeting clients in one!

“Security is a tough industry to crack as it’s essentially built entirely on ‘trust’ and that’s where most security companies fail. I’d say most industries are pretty cut-throat at the top and having spent many years in high-value sales it’s not uncommon to see competitors making promises they can’t deliver on in an attempt to convert. Trust and transparency is what makes a company and its clientele, successful.

“What stands out about the company ethos at LSS more than anything is that their priority is very obviously the safety and wellbeing of their clients and their property, be it homes, cars, businesses etcetera. There’s no sales targets posted up in the office, just a board noting any security incidents and the aim is to keep that board clear all week. The operational side of the patrols and the security personnel we deploy is an extremely comprehensive, well-oiled machine. If an officer is out of position for just a moment, there will be an immediate briefing as to ‘why?’ , so that kind of attention to detail really resonates with my way of working.”

Chris has already started to implement his skillset at LSS by bringing on board a number of high-profile clients and understands that whilst every client is different in their requirements, the main principles remain the same;

“My main areas of responsibility are making sure our clients are happy with our service and finding innovative ways to make that service better even when they’re already satisfied. Likewise I’m tasked with introducing potentially vulnerable residents or businesses to LSS and offer ways in which we can help.

“When I speak to residents and business owners for the first time, they usually think we sell security that comes with a nice yellow plaque or we place a guard outside your door after-hours. The truth is, we specialise in something much more valuable and that’s ‘peace of mind’. We can only deliver that through what I mentioned before; attention to detail, strategic planning, clever technologies and most importantly trust. We don’t rely solely on what you see at face value, i.e officers, hi-vis vehicles and nice yellow plaques. There’s a number of tactics at play which your common criminal might not have thought about. Whilst deterrence is a key factor in preventing burglaries and vehicle theft, how we deal with these things is also hugely important. The information-stream LSS has with local police is really beneficial to both parties.”

In response to being asked about what’s on the upcoming agenda at LSS, Chris replied;

“I’m looking forward to speaking with and introducing myself to as many clients as possible and making sure that their current service is sufficient. Whilst I don’t doubt that they’re well covered, with winter fast approaching and the days getting darker much earlier, we want to make sure they’re receiving the correct coverage.”

Keep a look out for Chris and more LSS content in next months issue of MyLocalNews – Radlett, Rickmansworth, Stanmore and Northwood & Radlett editions.