Having successfully secured their workshop with a state of the art CCTV & alarm system, along with 24 hour security and keyholding, LSS paid the team at @FilimizeBrothers a visit last week to introduce Mark, Co-Founder of @FilimizeBrothers and a huge dog lover to Zeus – a Giant Schnauzer and expertly trained guard dog / security K9.

Take a look at how Mark got on when equipped with just a bite sleeve and his mobile phone.

To see some of the incredible car wrapping @FilimizeBrothers carry out on some of the most exotic and prestigious vehicles in the UK, subscribe to their YouTube channel today.

Disclaimer – do not try this at home. Zeus and his handler, Lee (Managing Director of LSS London), are highly trained in K9 security and possess a wealth of experience around people, children and other animals. Special care is given to dogs like Zeus to ensure their welfare at all times. For more information about LSS protection dogs, click here.