Over the last three days there have been a spate of house burglaries in the Moor Park area.

Thieves have conducted messy searches and made off with valuables having forced entry into each of the properties. It is unclear at present whether the incidents are linked but given the close proximity and timing of the break-ins, early suggestions are that the area may be subject to a targeted effort by thieves and as a result LSS will be on high-alert for any suspicious vehicles or individuals entering the Moor Park area.


Several Range Rover / Land Rover thefts reported around the Radlett area in recent weeks.
Over the last 24 months Range Rover and Land Rover theft has been a prominent issue in many areas across the South East and North London, particularly in affluent neighbourhoods where the popularity of these luxury SUVs is high. The major vulnerability of these vehicles remains the keyless entry system which can easily be activated using basic, easily-attainable equipment, involving the reflection of key signals from outside the home (for more information on how this works please click here).

Given the great success vehicle thieves have had within these neighbourhoods, every vehicle stolen increases confidence from within their operation and the temptation to revisit the area grows. The harder residents make it to steal these particular vehicles, the less likely criminals will continue to target them, so we urge all vehicle owners, particularly owners of the aforementioned vehicles to assess the steps they have taken to prevent such thefts. Click here to find out what you can do to secure your keyless entry vehicle and if you haven’t already, we would recommend purchasing a key signal blocker box or pouch direct from the LSS Store.

These specially designed security devices help store your vehicles keys safely and prevent outside interference from potential car thieves. The boxes and pouches come in a range of colours and their stylish design means they won’t look out of place. They also make for a great Christmas gift! Buy yours today from the LSS Store.


Going away this Festive period?
It’s that time of year where many of us will spend time away from home to visit friends and family or maybe the less-admired in-laws whilst for others, a chance to avoid all of it with an escape to sunnier climes. Whatever your plans are this festive period please remember to let us know, in confidence, the dates of your trip and your local LSS patrol will take extra steps to ensure the security of your home. This includes pushing mail through letterboxes and collecting parcels from doorsteps, as well as our wheelie bin service, all of which, if neglected can provide a tell-tale sign to burglars that ‘no one’s home’. To inform us of your absence so we can keep a closer eye on your home please email our head office at enquiries@lsslondon.co.uk