As per the UK’s official police and crime statistics website, there were a total of 312 reported crimes involving vehicles in Radlett last year. Vehicle crime, most commonly involving vehicle theft and break-ins cost owners hundreds, if not thousands a year due to lost items or expensive insurance premiums, not to mention the undue stress incurred. Many of these crimes can be prevented by taking simple steps to both deter and discourage such crimes. This includes;

Parking in a well lit area or if possible a secure garage or lockup. If you do not have access to a garage, parking your vehicle on your driveway can significantly reduce the risk of theft compared to that of parking on a street or away from your home.

Lock it
When leaving your vehicle, always ensure you lock the doors and the windows are fully closed. Check each car handle and boot catch after locking your vehicle to ensure the car is definitely locked. A door left slightly ajar may not be properly locked by the car’s central locking system.

Don’t leave valuables unattended in your vehicle, failing that, ensure your valuables are out of sight. From bags and wallets to sunglasses and loose change, criminals have been known to break-in to vehicles for loose change, costing them nothing, but leaving you with an expensive repair or insurance bill.

Catalytic converters
Thieves are now targeting catalytic converters from the exhaust area of vehicles. The part contains valuable metal which can be easily sold on. To prevent catalytic converter theft, park in a way which makes it awkward for thieves to get behind your vehicle. Park in well lit areas in front of occupied property. Consider getting your catalytic converter marked by a participating garage. More information can be found here.

Keyless Entry Cars
Criminals can steel a car in as little as 18 seconds thanks to cheap, easily accessible signal reflector technology. Many modern, high-end vehicles are falling victim to theft due to this security flaw. Prevent this from happening by keeping your key away from front doors and windows. Take the key to bed with you in the evening and leave on a bedside table. The further away from the vehicle it is, the harder it is for the signal to be diverted by a potential thief. Alternatively, buy a NFC blocker (near-field-communication), these are typically boxes which prevent wireless signals entering or leaving the box.

Whilst there are steps you can take to prevent vehicle crime, inevitably vehicle owners can still fall victim to the most determined of criminals. LSS Residential Security Patrols have proved invaluable to it’s clients time and time again, having prevented dozens of potential vehicle thefts. Our mobile patrol teams have an excellent record of deterring thieves and even apprehending criminals caught in the act. Secure your vehicle, home and valuable assets with LSS Residential Security Patrols today, or for more information contact us.