Last week LSS officers were alerted to a potential car break-in/theft in Totteridge when an LSS client reported unusual activity on their remote security cameras.

The resident was not home at the time however, their smart security camera notified them of an unwanted guest loitering around parked vehicles. The resident immediately called their local LSS patrol officer who promptly arrived at the scene to investigate further. Thankfully no crime took place but other witness accounts described seeing a suspicious vehicle loitering in the area which was subsequently seen off by LSS patrols later that night. No further criminal activity has been reported with regards to this particular vehicle and we believe our constant presence in the area likely deterred the potential car thief from striking.

New Patrol Vehicle Added to Totteridge

Thanks to the extreme popularity of our Residential Security Patrols, participation numbers in Totteridge have allowed us to add an additional patrol car to our Totteridge Patrol. LSS clients in the area will now benefit from extra patrol coverage allowing us to respond even quicker to security threats or call outs. The new patrol car will be active from the 24th of May.

Potential Increase in Break-ins and Burglaries

Over the last 12 months LSS have kept track of a sharp increase in crime rates across London and the South East. Whilst vehicle theft has been particularly prevalent, with many people returning to work after a prolonged period of ‘stay-at-home working’, it is likely that home break-ins will start to increase as burglars target households during the day time. LSS believe prevention is the single most effective way to tackle residential crime so we urge all residents to take the necessary precautions to prevent such crimes taking place. To help you secure your home during the day whilst you get back into a ‘normal’ working routine, LSS has put together an Action & Prevention guide to safeguarding your home from burglars. Read the full article here.