The LSS Patrol team can report that no notable security incidents occurred over the last 7 days from within its patrol zones. 

However, through conversations with local police forces, LSS understand that vehicle crime and burglaries remain on the increase, as previously reported.

As temperatures rise during the summer months and we begin to enjoy some much welcomed sun, we urge residents not to make the lives of criminals any easier by leaving windows and doors open unnecessarily whilst away from the property. During periods of warm weather, LSS has often received reports of break-ins and burglaries where the intruder has gained access via an open window whilst the victim is out. Likewise valuables can be stolen from cars on driveways, where windows have been left open in an attempt to ‘keep the vehicle cool’. Criminals are regularly on the look out for potential entry points and have been known to even enter a property whilst the resident is upstairs, or in the garden.

Where possible we always recommend closing/locking windows and doors before leaving any room unattended. Do not be tempted to leave upstairs windows open when vacating the property. Brazen criminals can often come prepared with ladders, making an open first floor window as inviting as a downstairs one. Your neighbours could also be forgiven for thinking you may be having works carried out and are unlikely to sound alarm.

We also recommend locking car doors and closing all windows whenever your vehicle is left unattended, even if it’s just 30 seconds whilst you collect something from inside your home. Despite how unbearable a vehicle can get in high temperatures, it’s likely not worth losing an expensive pair of sunglasses, wallet or handbag over.