As many Radlett residents unfortunately will have heard, last week no fewer than 3 Range Rovers were stolen from residential areas. 

This follows a long running trend of similar vehicle thefts across large parts of Hertfordshire and North London, with Range Rovers seemingly the most vulnerable. It has long been known now that organised crime gangs are targeting luxury high end vehicles, specifically SUV’s with keyless entry such as Range Rovers. It is thought that these vehicles are being ‘stolen-to-order’. Crime gangs remove/alter vin numbers (vehicle identification number) on the stolen vehicles and quickly export them to other parts of Europe and Africa where vehicle laws can be much less strict. A stolen vehicle can find itself in mainland Europe within 24 hours of removal, making it essentially impossible for UK police to recover. Because of this, police are unlikely to allocate resources to such crimes, leaving the victim with little but a crime reference number and an expensive insurance excess bill, not to mention the undue stress and inconvenience of losing a vehicle.

As mentioned previously, these vehicles are often stolen quickly and without forced entry due to manufacturing flaws in keyless car entry systems. Thieves are reflecting wireless signals from unprotected keys inside the home to vehicles parked outside using cheap, low-tech signal reflectors.

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen which can be found here via our Action & Prevention Guide.

For clients who currently own keyless cars, we highly advise purchasing a signal blocker box. LSS are delighted to announce that we have partnered with new sponsors Theft Block, allowing us to provide stylish faraday boxes which protect your car keys from outside, criminal interference. You can now purchase these directly from the LSS store

Additionally, we invite you to book a free consultation regarding our exclusive Early Detection and Rapid Response service, ProResponse+.

ProResponse+ is a revolutionary new service exclusive to LSS clients, protecting you and your property – in a matter of seconds. The specially designed sensor and surveillance system provides real-time alerts to our Residential Security Patrols. The ultimate solution to trespass and vehicle theft prevention. 

When triggered, your LSS ProResponse+ sensor system will automatically send our closest LSS Patrol Unit a real-time notification which we act upon, immediately – arriving at your property in a matter of seconds, without delay or the need to contact us. When paired with a LSS ProResponse+ CCTV unit, our system will provide our personnel with a live image feed to keep a constant visual on the situation. Upon arrival we will apprehend the intruder until the police arrive to carry out arrests or further investigations.

To find out more about ProResponse+ visit our web page or contact us today on 0330 1330 226 and select Option 1.

We are aware that some of our weekly news bulletins may seem repetitive in nature, however it is our duty to make clients aware of current crime trends and heightened security threats whilst providing relevant advice on ways to prevent falling victim.