On several occasions last week, LSS officers had to remove/move along, suspicious persons from residential roads. Hooded individuals often on push bikes have been found loitering without reason. To ensure the safety and security of our communities these individuals were promptly removed without force and told not to revisit the area. If you see any suspicious behaviour please always contact your local patrol unit for assistance.

Numerous Radlett residents have been visited by cold-callers offering to ‘clean driveways’. Reports suggest the person(s) in question have been carrying out cleaning services without permission and then demanding payment. Refusal to pay, in some instances, has led to threatening behaviour from the suspect(s). If this happens to you contact your local patrol unit or the police if you feel threatened. Do not continue to converse with the person(s) in question.

The LSS Team have received several reports from Northwood residents of a suspicious cold caller claiming to be a car salesman. Unless you have requested such a visit, please refrain from interacting with this male. If at any time you feel threatened always contact the police and your local patrol unit.

Moor Park
Again, further unsolicited visits from a cold caller claiming to be working on behalf of a charity. This person has now been indentified as a fraudster and has been trying to extort money from residents illegally. 

For more information on dealing with Cold Callers, read our latest article here.

LSS received several unconfirmed reports of an aggravated burglary near one of our patrol areas last week. Whilst we cannot confirm the precise location or nature of the incident, our local sources have suggested that armed home invaders broke into a residency where one individual was left with non-fatal stab wounds. Whilst armed burglary remains fairly uncommon, burglaries are not. In the event of a break-in we advise residents to proceed with extreme caution and refrain from confronting intruders. Contact the police immediately and if subscribed to our patrol service, contact your designated patrol unit after contacting police.

Daytime Robberies
LSS have received various reports of daytime burglaries in areas surrounding our patrol zones. These burglaries have taken place whilst victims have gone out for walks. Residents are being monitored and then targeted by criminals upon leaving their property. Long walks have become a favourable past time for many during lockdown and criminals started to exploit this. When leaving your home, even for a short period of time, always ensure all doors and windows are locked shut. Where possible, ensure you activate security alarms and any other form of security device your home may benefit from. Keep garden or walkway gates closed at all times.

If you have concerns about day time security, our LSS Residential Security Patrols can be tailored to provide optimal security at times that suit you. In addition to our comprehensive 24 hour patrols, we also offer 12 hour tariffs to protect your home during the day or at night. Click here to find out more about LSS Residential Security.

Drug Dealing in Residential Areas
Thanks to our relationship with Hertfordshire Police,  LSS have become aware of an increase in drug related dealings from vehicles. Private roads and areas have become an attractive place for drug dealers to operate. This is largely due to a lack of traffic and an increased number of ‘blind spots’ between houses. If you see a suspicious vehicle or any suspicious activity near your home please contact your local patrol team with details including the vehicle make, model, colour and if possible number plates. We will continue to liaise with the local authorities on the matter. If you suspect someone of drug dealing, do not attempt to confront them – these criminals are very often armed and can be dangerous.

Dog Theft
We are saddened to report that the latest trend of dog theft has continued over the last week. Due to increased lockdown demand, criminals are stealing pets from homes and gardens to then sell on. The emotional impact of losing a pet is of course truly devastating. To help prevent this crime happening to you, please read our recent article relating to dog theft.

Car Theft
In recent weeks LSS have reported on a dramatic increase in vehicle theft across North London and the Home Counties – in particular key-less entry vehicles. Vehicle theft remains prevalent in affluent areas and police suggest that many vehicles are now being stolen ‘to-order’. We advise that car owners ensure they are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of falling victim. For advice on securing your vehicle please read our recent article on vehicle theft.