London Security Syndicate are again pleased to share that there have been no new incidents reported in the past week from our patrol zones.

Our security patrol team presence continues to deter criminals from operating inside our patrolled communities. Unprotected, adjacent roads and neighbourhoods have not been as fortunate. Dog theft, vehicle crime and burglary continues to plague large areas of Hertfordshire and North London so we advise all residents to remain alert and carry out the necessary precautions to ensure home, pet and vehicle safety at all time.


Positive news regarding vehicle theft

Since the turn of the year LSS have reported a number of incidents involving keyless car crime across Hertfordshire and North London. A high proportion of the vehicles targeted have been Range Rovers. Our information sharing agreement with local police forces informed us that these luxury vehicles have been targeted by an organised crime unit. Last week police raided the homes of 10 suspects who are believed to be behind no less than 70 keyless car thefts from around London, Hertfordshire and Essex. Read about the police raid here.


Security Products

We would like to thank everyone who has ordered their LSS branded deterrent products over the last fortnight including bin stickers, window stickers and security plaques. Over 120 hi-vis, personalised bin stickers have been ordered and consequently printed and posted (don’t worry if you haven’t received yours yet – last weeks orders are currently being processed and will be posted later this week).

All items are still available to order from our store with customisable bin stickers starting from just £1.99 + free delivery.