Over the past fortnight there has been another notable spate of incidents, specifically in Radlett, involving vehicles displaying stolen/cloned number plates. LSS have received several reports of vehicle break-ins and valuable contents removed – most notably, the vehicles of tradesmen. 

Renovation and building works are commonplace in many of our patrol areas and with that comes an increased presence of commercial vehicles, such as vans, often carrying valuable tools and equipment. These vehicles are being targeted by thieves in broad day light. Tradespeople are often working indoors or in noisy environments where their work vehicle remains out of sight for long periods and brazen thieves are taking full advantage of this. Whilst the majority of recent reports have occurred in the Radlett area, similar reports have occurred across North London and the South East over the past 24 months.

LSS advise residents who are currently undergoing building works to brief employed tradespeople on these events and encourage them not to leave valuable tools and equipment unattended in vehicles.

Please also be aware that criminals can be known to operate under the guise of a tradesperson. If you have any suspicion towards the legitimacy of a tradesperson in your area, feel free to contact your local patrol team who will investigate. If a tradesperson comes to your home uninvited offering services you do not require, you have a legal right to ask that person to leave and not return. If that person fails to adhere to your request, contact the police or your local patrol team and lock doors and windows. Do not let anyone enter your home without valid reason or prior consent.

Whilst LSS patrols actively discourage criminals from entering residential areas, a large proportion of our patrol services are employed at night time only, leaving some homes exposed and potentially vulnerable during the day. If you have concerns about security in your area and feel you would benefit from day time security in addition to your night time tariff, please contact LSS on 0330 1330 226 and select option 1. Alternatively email enquiries@lsslondon.co.uk.