During what was on the whole, a relatively quiet week for the LSS Residential Security Patrol teams, a disturbing incident occurred on a street that runs parallel to one of our patrol zones in the Totteridge area. The incident was soon picked up on by nearby LSS Officers.

In the early hours of the morning a household was broken into where a male and female were held up by men wielding weapons whilst they lay in bed. The burglars proceeded to clear out all valuable belongings including jewellery and cash. Fortunately the two victims were left unhurt but understandably shaken and deeply disturbed by the incident.

A getaway vehicle was spotted by LSS officers who promptly gave chase whilst reporting the vehicle description and number plates to police. After some investigating by LSS officers, the suspects are believed to have been spotted by LSS clients, garden hopping into adjacent properties prior to the incident. We believe our patrol teams presence likely deterred the criminals from targeting houses from within our patrol routes, along with prominent signage outside LSS protected properties.

Whilst many LSS clients display exclusive LSS security plaques outside the front of their property, we would advise fixing signs to the rear of the property, where possible, to avoid ‘garden-hopping’ opportunists from targeting your property. Exclusive LSS plaques can be purchased from our online store.