As previously reported by LSS, Range Rovers in the Totteridge area in particular, are being continually being targeted by organised criminals. There have been a number of attempted thefts of the luxury SUV’s in the area this year. We urge all residents to be wary and take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of theft. Our Residential Security Patrols act as an excellent deterrent but if you are not already subscribed, we would advise considering the benefits of our ProResponse+ service. Our state-of-the-art sensor system and Rapid Response service has helped to prevent several vehicle thefts already since it’s launch earlier this year. It can take a thief less than 30 seconds to steal a modern day vehicle making our ProResponse+ service a valuable add-on to your pre-existing LSS subscription.

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Radlett & Northwood
In the last week there has been a considerable increase in anti-social behaviour in both Radlett and Northwood, including drink and drug usage. LSS Patrols have been quick to move these nuisance groups on from residential areas with police being called on several occasions to issue warnings where applicable. If you suspect anti-social behaviour within an LSS Patrol Area please contact your LSS Patrol Unit who will do their best to assist.

Northwood & Moor Park
There have been a number of suspicious vehicles seen ‘scouting’ in both Northwood and Moor Park of late. Many of the vehicles, typically spotted in the early hours of the morning, have been confirmed as displaying false or stolen number plates. Their presence in the area is almost certainly to carry out a serious crime such as burglary or vehicle theft, OR to ‘scout’ the area for potential targets for a later visit.

LSS Patrol units successfully gave chase to several of these vehicles last week, contacting police for assistance in the process. Our information sharing agreement with the local police forces ensures that we are able to pass valuable information on and assist with any ongoing investigations of this nature.

If you have any concerns about suspicious vehicle activity or anti-social behaviour, please contact your Local LSS Patrol Unit in confidence.