LSS are pleased to share that there have been no notable security incidents from within our patrol zones over the past fortnight. 

Our patrol units have remained highly vigilant to a number of on-going potential threats and continue to deter criminal activity through their highly visible presence. To ensure the on going safety of our residential clients and their property, our patrol officers will continue to monitor access into their respective patrol zones and ensure that, particularly in private areas, suspicious activity is quickly and calmly dealt with and removed without disturbance.

To enforce this, we ask that any suspicious behaviour continues to be reported at your earliest convenience so that our officers can act appropriately and prevent any potential wrongdoing.

With the clocks going back recently and the nights growing longer we encourage 12 hour subscribers to consider the benefits of our 24 hour patrols. Our 24 hour tariffs provide a comprehensive security presence around the clock. Darkness provides the perfect cover for much criminal activity and shorter days offer a longer operating window for burglars and car thieves alike. If you’d like to discuss extending your service hours please contact head office on 0330 1330 226 and select option 1 from the menu. Alternatively, please email and a member of our team will be happy to adjust your security tariff.

Whilst our patrol zones have remained relatively quiet in recent weeks, the ongoing threats remain the same, as other parts of North London and the Home Counties continue to be plagued by certain crimes. These crimes include:

  • Theft of vehicles, particularly luxury, keyless entry vehicles such as Range Rovers.
  • Motorbike theft – bikes removed from driveways and placed onto trucks or lorries.
  • Day time burglary in light of residents returning to work post-COVID-19.
  • Unsociable behaviour in public / recreational areas including drug and alcohol use.
  • Suspicious vehicles displaying false plates
  • Rogue ‘tradespeople’ and other uninvited solicitation
  • Theft from building sites where residents are undergoing renovation or improvement works