Last week LSS received important information from Hertsmere Police regarding burglaries, specifically in Radlett. As part of our Information Sharing Agreement with Hertsmere Police, we have been asked to raise our alert levels for know burglars who are currently operating in the Radlett area. LSS are pleased to share that there have been no burglaries within any of our patrol areas during this time and we will continue to work with the local authorities in an attempt to prevent and if possible apprehend the suspects in question.

Our Residential Security Patrols were called into immediate action last week after an attempted vehicle break in. Fortunately our patrol officers were able to prevent the break in and chased the suspects out of the area. This follows on from our previous reports regarding the rise of theft from vehicles and likewise vehicle theft. We ask all residents to stay vigilant and call your local LSS Patrol Unit if you see anything suspicious.

All Areas

Catalytic Converter Theft
As we have reported in previous weeks, the number of thefts of Catalytic Converters from motor vehicles continues to rise across the UK. Whilst we are pleased to report that no such instances of this crime were carried out within any LSS Patrol areas, we still ask that our clients take the necessary precautions to prevent falling victim. If you would like more information regarding catalytic converter theft, please read our earlier article for tips and advice on prevention, or contact us directly.

Increase in Cold Callers
As mentioned in previous reports, there is a growing concern amongst households regarding door-to-door cold callers. Whilst the number of instances in LSS patrol areas have decreased dramatically in recent weeks, neighbouring areas continue to voice their concern over the nuisance ‘sales people’. We advise all households to use caution when dealing with cold callers and if required put up clear signage requesting cold callers do not solicit at your property. Click here for more information on dealing with Cold Callers.

Text Message Scams
In light of last weeks COVID-19 related scam article, some LSS clients have notified us of several other scam messages currently doing the rounds.
People are receiving spam texts from numbers pretending to be Royal Mail or HMRC. Often these messages include a link to ‘Authorise or Cancel’ a pending payment. Ensure that you only interact with numbers you know to be legitimate and remember that your bank or Royal Mail will never contact you to ask for your bank account or payment card details. If you are in doubt, contact your bank to verify if the message was indeed from them. Click here for more information on how to detect and avoid scams.


Important Notice:

To enjoy the full benefit of your LSS Residential Security Patrol service, we encourage LSS clients to clearly display their exclusive LSS plaques and window stickers where applicable. Prevention is without doubt the most effective way to tackle residential crime. Our hi-vis security plaques not only ensure our security personnel carry out their duties, they also ward off unwelcome visitors. Effective signage severely reduces the chances of an attempted break-in compared to a home not displaying security signage.

If you are an LSS customer and do not currently benefit from a LSS security plaque please contact your local patrol unit or contact us directly.

Wheelie Bin Stickers:

In addition to this, LSS London are now offering hi-visibility stickers for Wheelie Bins to further deter criminal activity. Wheelie bins often provide a tell-tail sign that a resident is away from home if the bin remains uncollected. Organised criminals will see an unreturned bin as an opportunity to target a potentially vacant property. Contact us today to order your LSS branded, hi-vis bin stickers with personalised house number/name.