Last week was a busy week for our patrol officers who were on the look out for a number of potential criminals, spotted operating across our patrol towns including Stanmore, Edgware and Northwood. 

Northwood Burglary
In the late hours of the evening on Wednesday, a Northwood residents’ home was broken into after burglars gained access to the rear of the property. The perpetrator(s) accessed the grounds via the woodlands at the back of the property, avoiding detection from our residential street patrols. The perpetrator(s) then exited the grounds from the direction they entered and made off, undetected.

Whilst our street patrols are highly effective at deterring such criminality, we advise all clients to review the security of all access points to their property. Last week, we released a free guide on safeguarding your home from break-ins. You can read the free guide here. The nature of this particular aforementioned break-in highlights the potential benefits of our ProResponse+, early detection and rapid response service. The high-tech sensor and surveillance system alerts our street patrols of unexpected movement around your property, providing real-time updates and live CCTV footage* to your local patrol unit. Our officers are then able to attend the scene in less than 180 seconds^. For more information about ProResponse+ please contact the team or read more here.

*Dependent on ProResponse+ package configuration.
^ Based on average response time from sensor activation to arrival of officer on scene

‘Aggressive’ Catalytic Converter Theft in Stanmore
Unfortunately catalytic converter theft is something that we’ve often had to write about over the last 6 months. Each week, LSS are informed of numerous reports of catalytic converter theft from across North London and the south east. In Stanmore last week, thieves were caught in the act removing the catalytic converter from a vehicle. When confronted by the vehicle owner, the thieves became aggressive and threatening. Whilst the vehicle owner was left unhurt, the financial costs and emotional stress will have had a painful impact.

If you witness a crime taking place, call the police immediately, or if subscribed to our service, contact your local LSS patrol officer who will provide assistance immediately. Avoid confronting criminals as this can often lead to physical altercation or worse, threat to life. The potential cost of falling victim to crime does not outweigh that of your safety and wellbeing.

Many witnesses to catalytic converter theft are quick to note the number plates of the perpetrator’s getaway vehicle, however, in almost all instances the number plates have been recognised as fake or stolen upon subsequent police checks. This is not to say that you shouldn’t note the registration plates and vehicle description as this can help police immediately after the incident has occurred. For more information on false plates, plate theft and how criminals use them, read our article. 

Opportunistic, petty thieves
In many areas of North London and the south east, petty thieves have been spotted trying to open car doors in the hope they may find an unlocked vehicle with valuables inside. Whilst it is currently uncommon for these thieves to gain forced entry (smashing windows, crowbarring doors etc) they are happy to check hundreds of door handles a night in the hope that one will be left unlocked. Upon gaining entry to an unlocked car, they will typically conduct a messy search of the glove compartment in the hunt for ‘low-value’ items such as sunglasses or maybe even a wallet. Most reports we hear of conclude with very little being taken from the vehicles causing little more than a minor inconvenience and a sense of violation to the vehicle owner. We do stress however that vehicle owners ensure they lock their vehicles when left unattended for any period of time. Do not leave valuables on display under any circumstance, even if the vehicle is locked. Where possible, always remove valuables of any value from the vehicle and refrain from leaving valuables in glove compartments or in the boot.