Over the past week LSS patrols have received reports of increasing Catalytic Converter thefts particularly in the Totteridge and Stanmore areas.

These reports unfortunately come as little surprise to the LSS team. As you’ll know from our previous news stories, this crime epidemic has been costing motorists thousands in insurance excess claims and replacement parts, across the country. Thefts of the car part are up over 200% since March 2020. As reported by Sky News last week, the precious metals found inside, in particular Rhodium, can be sold for upwards of £250 per catalytic converter. The cost of replacement converters can exceed £1,000 and has ultimately led to many motorists having their cars written off by insurers.

LSS patrols have been effective in preventing catalytic converter theft in their respective patrol areas but we do advise all clients to continue doing everything possible to reduce the risk of falling victim.

Thieves have been targeting specific vehicle models such as the pre-2008 Honda Jazz, Toyota Prius (2004-2016) and Toyota Arius (2012-2018), however cases have not been limited to these vehicles so we advise all car owners to be aware.

In line with advice from the Hertfordshire Constabulary, of whom LSS London shares a Information Sharing Agreement, here are some things you can do to reduce the risk of the catalytic converter being stolen from your vehicle:

  • Lock your car whenever it is left unattended and keep it in a garage when parked at night if possible.
  • When using a garage is not possible, park close to fences, walls or a kerb with the exhaust being closest to the fence, wall or kerb to make theft difficult.
  • Consider fitting CCTV on your home or driveway, to help deter thieves.
  • Use PIR or LED security lighting to make your vehicle more visible and this can also act as a deterrent.
  • If your catalytic converter is bolted on, consider having the bolts welded to make removal difficult.
  • Fit protective coverings on catalytic converters, such as the Toyota manufactured CATLOC device, (these are made for Toyota Prius made between 2004 and 2009) as these can make it much more difficult for thieves.
  • Have your catalytic converter etched or forensically marked, and put stickers in the windscreen to say this has been done.
  • Look for car parks with a Secured Car Park sign which have recognised levels of security. If you have a garage at home, ensure you use it and lock it properly.
  • Noisy gravel on your drive can help deter a would-be thief, as they don’t want to alert you to their approach.
  • Never leave valuable items or tools on display in your vehicle as this may encourage a thief to break in.

If you’re concerned about Catalytic Converter theft from your vehicle, contact LSS today for more information on the measures you can put in place to prevent this happening. Our brand new ProResponse+ service could also help stop crimes in progress. Find out more about ProResponse+ by clicking here.

LSS are pleased to share that there have been no notable security incidents in our patrol areas over the past week.