In what was a quiet week across all LSS patrol zones, we have received numerous reports of suspicious vehicle behaviour, specifically in Totteridge. 

LSS have received multiple reports from concerned residents regarding suspicious vehicles in two of our Totteridge patrol zones. The vehicles are believed to be from overseas due to their foreign registration plates although these could potentially be fraudulent or stolen. Regardless, these ‘foreign’ vehicles have been spotted on several occasions driving slowly through residential areas and have been seen taking photographs of certain properties/vehicles.

At this point, no criminal acts appear to have taken place in relation to these report, however, we urge all residents to remain vigilant and continue taking the necessary steps required to secure your home and vehicles.

LSS patrols will remain on the look out and act accordingly alongside local police forces should any further instances of such behaviour occur. If you do spot suspicious behaviour in your area, please do not hesitate to contact your local LSS patrol officer who will provide assistance and take further action if necessary. We advise residents to refrain from confronting suspects where possible as criminals can be armed and potentially dangerous.

If you have any further information or concerns regarding the information shared in this article, please contact us.