LSS are pleased to report that there have been no significant security incidents in the last two weeks from within any of our residential patrol zones.

This relatively quiet fortnight follows a week in mid-to-late June where thefts of Range Rovers and other luxury keyless entry vehicles had increased dramatically. Through our relationship with local police forces, we are hearing that there are still many vehicle thefts of this natural taking place across Hertfordshire, London and the South East. Whilst our security presence acts as a strong deterrent we ask that all residents remain vigilant and continue taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of their home and vehicles.

A common concern we are hearing from residents both from within and outside of our patrol zones is that of suspicious vehicles loitering in residential areas. Through conversation with clients and regular monitoring of social media platforms and community forums, we are hearing of numerous reports each day about suspicious activity involving ‘transit vans’. Whilst we cannot speculate on whether these vehicles have been involved in any reported crimes, their presence and behaviour has caused concern for many. Often we are hearing that the vans, typically in poor condition, are arriving at locations during the day and slowly driving around residential roads, scouting properties. There have been several reports of the male drivers and their associates entering onto property grounds to inspect the area.

Similar reports have often led to the illegitimate solicitation of services and demand for payment of services neither rendered or agreed with the victim/resident. In other instances, suspects have removed items from property grounds including furniture, decorative items or other valuables often taken as scrap metal. A rise in the value of metals has led to a dramatic increase in this kind of theft from both residential and commercial sites.

If you feel concerned about the presence of a suspicious vehicle or anyone acting suspiciously in your area, contact your local patrol unit who will be happy to assist you on site and if required to confront and remove the suspicious persons from the area. If possible, try to discreetly note the registration and vehicle’s description which could assist police enquiries should a crime be committed. We advise all clients not to approach or confront suspicious individuals as they could potentially become violent or intimidating.

New Patrol Unit Added

Due to the popularity and growing demand for our Residential Security Patrol service, LSS are delighted to announce that a new patrol car unit has been added to the Radlett area, further increasing our presence in the village and surrounding areas. Our new patrol unit will work alongside a number of long established patrols currently active in the area, combatting residential crime whilst providing invaluable peace of mind to our clients.

As resident participation increases, LSS are committed to improving its service which includes the regular deployment of additional patrol units. This ensures that existing patrols are not compromised or ‘spread thin’, so our clients can rest assured they are receiving the best residential security service possible.

We’d like to thank all of our clients for your continued support and your invaluable contribution towards making your neighbourhood, safer and more secure by employing London Security Syndicate.