Happy Easter from the LSS Team – we hope you had a great bank holiday weekend and trust that things have been peaceful where you live.

As always, over the last couple of week LSS Residential Patrol teams have been diligently patrolling local neighbourhoods and are pleased to report that there have been no significant incidents from within any of our patrol zones.

Our Residential Security Patrols continue to prove their value by deterring criminals from the area and forcing them into other nearby, unprotected, neighbourhoods. Whilst we take no enjoyment from the fact crimes are still being carried out in the wider community, our commitment is always to our clients’ home and property and we are pleased that our presence continues to deter criminal activity. We always aim to assist local police forces with any relevant information whenever possible, as in the case of the following incident reported early last week…


‘Vehicle chased off by LSS Patrol strikes neighbouring road’

During the early hours, one of our Residential Patrol Units spotted a suspicious vehicle driving slowly past houses on a private road in Totteridge. When the vehicle was approached by our hi-vis security vehicle, the vehicle span off and left the area at high-speed, but not before the LSS officer recorded the number plate. Our officers will actively log vehicle registrations of suspicious vehicles in the event that a crime could be committed. This allows us to assist the police with useful information during a potential investigation.

Whilst the suspicious vehicle did not return to the area (or any other LSS patrolled area), the vehicle was later spotted elsewhere in Totteridge on CCTV during a burglary. The criminal(s) unfortunately conducted a messy break-in, getting away with valuable items and causing the victim extreme distress. Had we not been present earlier, we have no doubt that the criminals would have looked to target a home from our patrol zone. We are pleased that our patrols continue to prove their value, deterring criminals from the area. Our information has helped the police with their ongoing investigation.


And elsewhere…

Whilst we are pleased to say that it’s been a quiet few weeks for the LSS Patrol Teams we are continually on the look out for new potential threats against our clients. Dog and vehicle related thefts continue to affect many areas of North London and Hertfordshire so we remind our clients to continue exercising caution with regards to both your pets and any unattended vehicles.


Vehicles targeted in callous act of vandalism

Whilst the following incidents have not occurred within our patrol zones, events in wider community are of an immediate concern to us. Witnesses have described two men on a bike vandalising vehicles during the early hours of the morning in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Northwood and Ruislip. The events are believed to be linked and likely too much of a coincidence to be otherwise. The attacks have resulted in thousands of pounds worth of damage. If you see or hear of any behaviour of this nature always contact police as soon as possible.

Anyone that can help with the police enquiries should contact 101 and quote 905/2APR21 as a reference. 

Read the full story here.


Stanmore hit by rise in graffiti 

Several residents in the Stanmore area have notified us of an increase in graffiti throughout parts of Stanmore. Whilst this form of criminal damage is not new, it typically only occurs in highly urbanised commercial areas such as town centres and less so in quiet residential areas. Whilst our patrol areas remain unaffected we will be on the look out for anyone appearing to deface public or private property in a bid to eradicate the issue from residential areas. If you see or hear of any criminal damage, refrain from approaching the suspect and contact the police immediately.