Last week, LSS patrols received continued reports of suspicious vehicles loitering around the Totteridge area in particular.

On one occasion LSS patrol officers approached one of the vehicles and were forced to give chase. The vehicle promptly sped off from the area confirming our suspicions. Whilst the vehicle has not been spotted since, the likelihood is the suspects are part of a larger gang potentially looking to steal vehicles or monitor the routines of residents in an attempt to break-in to vacant homes.

If you see anything out of the ordinary or have any concerns over the behaviour or presence of an unknown persons or vehicle, contact LSS immediately who will provide assistance in the matter. If you fear a crime may be in progress, contact the police straight away whilst gathering as much information about the vehicle description, its registration (if safe to do so) and the suspects involved. This information can provide useful in any necessary police investigations.

Do not attempt to confront suspects.

If such events occur outside your property at night, activate any exterior lighting if possible as this may deter the suspect from the area.