Major Security Incident recorded in Rickmansworth on Friday 3rd September 2021. Suspects chased from the scene by LSS Patrol Officers. 

After a relatively quiet fortnight across all LSS patrol zones, in the early hours of the morning on Friday 3rd of September LSS Patrols were alerted to a serious security incident in the Rickmansworth area.

Shortly before 3am, three individuals were spotted entering the area in a black Audi A3. The suspects were seen approaching driveways, armed with knives and baseball bats. It is believed the suspects were targeting keyless entry, luxury vehicles using cheap, easily attained signal reflecting equipment. The possession of weapons suggests the suspects were ready and willing to use potentially lethal force if required. Thankfully, an alert resident managed to contact a nearby LSS patrol unit who then proceeded to chase the suspects from the area. The 3 hooded males quickly left the area at high speed in the black vehicle.

After immediately liaising with local police, LSS were able to confirm that the vehicle number plates were in fact false. What was unusual about this incident was that the suspect getaway vehicle illegally displayed blue flashing lights from inside the car’s cockpit. It is believed that by imitating an emergency vehicle, the suspects could easily navigate through traffic at speed in an attempt to escape.


At this time, LSS are not aware of any successful vehicle thefts, break-ins or damage caused to property in the area, by these suspects.

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If you were affected by or have any information regarding this incident, or you believe your private CCTV systems may contain valuable footage of the incident please contact the police on 101. Alternatively contact LSS who will help verify the information and liaise with the authorities on your behalf. If you spot anyone with a weapon, such as a knife, contact the police straight away on 999.

If you suspect an intruder or suspicious person(s) on, or around, your property contact your local LSS Patrol unit immediately and if you believe a crime is taking place, contact the police on 999. We ask that residents refrain from confronting suspects. As this incident shows, these people may very well be armed and dangerous, posing a significant risk to life.