The LSS Residential Security Patrol teams are pleased to share that no notable security incidents occurred last week across our Patrol Zones. The team however have had to remove several nuisance individuals from areas.

Bogus door-to-door cold callers chased out of Northwood
Over the last couple of days LSS has received reports of several unidentified males disturbing residents in Northwood. Posing as ‘business men’, the door-to-door scammers have been knocking on homes demanding that ‘a contract be signed’. The affected residents had no prior interaction with the men who are likely attempting to extort money from victims.

When approached by LSS officers the men ran off but have also been seen driving a Land Rover Freelander around the Northwood estate.
If you spot these men, or they approach your property, please be alert and contact your local patrol officer. If you have any further information about their vehicle(s) or behaviour please contact

The men’s identities (header image above) were captured on CCTV thanks to an alert LSS client.

For more information on how to deal with door-to-door cold-callers read our article. 

Warm weather  and the rise in anti-social behaviour
Many of our patrol zones border public spaces such as parks and woodlands. Whilst we start to enjoy much awaited warmer weather this does unfortunately result in a rise in anti-social behaviour. Such anti-social behaviour includes drinking in public and drug usage in parks and woodland areas. Aside from excess noise levels at unsociable hours, participating individuals will often leave the area in an ill-state – smashed glass, used nitrous canisters and food waste.

The LSS patrol team are actively on the look out for anti-social behaviour in and around it’s patrol zones including public spaces backing onto client properties. Often these individuals are quick to leave the area when approached but when required LSS actively work with local police enforcement to help disperse uncooperative crowds.

If you are concerned about anti-social behaviour near your home, contact your local patrol officer who will provide immediate assistance.