Increase in Range Rover/Land Rover Thefts in Radlett

In the last week there have been several reports of stolen Range Rovers and luxury, high-end Land Rovers in Radlett. We understand many of our clients drive these vehicles so we urge them to take extra precautions and try to block these cars in on driveways when left unattended. Where possible, try and park another, less desirable car, or a vehicle that does not use keyless entry, in-front of your Range Rover. This will block them in, making them harder to steal. Range Rovers in particular are being targeted above other cars as organised crime gangs are ‘stealing to order’. Our information sharing agreement with local police tell us that Range Rovers are being identified, stolen and then shipped overseas where they can no longer be tracked.

The majority of vehicles are being stolen by thieves using relatively cheap and attainable key-signal reflectors which can pick up the key signal from inside the property and unlock the vehicle in seconds. Where possible try to use a Faraday box/pouch to keep your keys in when at home, which can prevent outside interference. We’ve reviewed a range of Faraday products and find Theft Block offers excellent protection in a stylish suede finish. You can find them here:


If vehicle theft is a continued concern, speak to us about our exclusive Early Detection and Rapid Response service, ProResponse+.

ProResponse+ is a revolutionary new service exclusive to LSS clients, protecting you and your property – in a matter of seconds. The specially designed sensor and surveillance system provides real-time alerts to our Residential Security Patrols. The ultimate solution to trespass and vehicle theft prevention. 

When triggered, your LSS ProResponse+ sensor system will automatically send our closest LSS Patrol Unit a real-time notification which we act upon, immediately – arriving at your property in a matter of seconds, without delay or the need to contact us. When paired with a LSS ProResponse+ CCTV unit, our system will provide our personnel with a live image feed to keep a constant visual on the situation. Upon arrival we will apprehend the intruder until the police arrive to carry out arrests or further investigations.

To find out more about ProResponse+ visit our web page or contact us today on 0330 1330 226 and select Option 1.