Each week your LSS Residential Security Patrol team will post updates from it’s patrol areas to help keep residents up to date with news and reports on events in each area. Some details will be limited for privacy reasons but if you’d like to discuss any of the issues involved please feel free to contact your local patrol team or contact LSS head office today.

Moor Park
Theft from unlocked motor vehicles. Advice would be to lock your cars & take out any valuables including loose change. If you see anything suspicious call your local LSS patrol car.

A number of commercial vehicles seen in the early hours of the morning collecting scrap from development sites. The local LSS patrol cars have warned them & notified the police.

A number of sightings of vehicles in the early hours of the morning slowly driving around residential areas looking for an easy property to break-in to or car to steal.
Fortunately, the LSS patrol car has been in the area to chase them away. The registration numbers have been reported to the police.

Stanmore & Edgware
A number of catalytic converters have been stolen from vehicles, both day & night. If anyone sees anything suspicious please call the local LSS patrol car & the police.

Our LSS patrol cars have noticed an increase in vehicle activity during the early hours of the morning this week. With our presence there have been no reported incidents.

Our LSS patrol removed a group of travellers at our clients commercial premises this week. Our presence & experience made this a smooth process.