Multiple Range Rover thefts in Northwood.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a Range Rover was stolen from the Northwood area. The following day, again in the early hours, a second Range Rover was stolen. 

These events are just the latest in a long series of vehicle thefts, specifically targeting Range Rover and other luxury SUV’s, thought to be coordinated by organised crime gangs across Greater London and the South East. Due to the high concentration of these high-value vehicles within our patrol zones, LSS remain on high-alert for suspicious activity. 

In the interest of resident safety and protection of homes and assets, LSS officers will be conducting random vehicle stops more frequently in an attempt to deter criminals from the area. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience we may cause in doing so but please know our heightened security measures are entirely for the benefit of LSS clients and their respective neighbourhoods. Our officers will at all times remain courteous and grateful for your cooperation and welcome discussion regarding any security concerns you may have. In most areas our patrol teams will be able to identify resident vehicles and drivers without the need for stopping and this measure is primarily to deal with unrecognised vehicles travelling in and out of the area. 

For advice on preventing vehicle theft, click here to read our Action & Prevention Guide. 

Suspicious vehicles

Suspicious vehicle activity continues to provide cause for concern across residential areas. On numerous occasions suspicious vehicles, often displaying false or stolen number plates, have sped off when approached by LSS officers. We continue to record any instances of such behaviour and remain in constant communication with local police.

If you notice any suspicious behaviour in your area, please contact your local LSS officer who will provide immediate assistance. In the interest of your own safety, we would advise against confronting suspicious individuals as there is a chance they can become aggressive or violent.