The LSS patrol team are pleased to announce that, once again, there have been no significant security incidents from within our patrol zones over the last week. Our presence continues to deter criminals, forcing both organised and opportunistic criminals away from our patrol areas and into less fortunate areas, not currently benefitting from our Residential Security services.


Warm Weather-linked Anti Social Behaviour

Over the last few weeks our patrol teams have had to deal with a number of incidents involving unsociable behaviour. As the days get longer and the weather begins to warm up, we begin to see an increase in alcohol and drug activity in public areas causing noise nuisances, excessive littering and in some cases acts of vandalism to public areas. In Stanmore last week our patrol officers were required to remove two adolescent males and a dog for illegal use of recreational drugs in a private residential area.

If you spot anti-social behaviour in your area and would like to raise your concern, please contact your local patrol officer who will be happy to assist. When approached by our officers, suspects will almost always vacate the area without the need for police intervention or physical force.


Range Rover Thefts Continue

Whilst we protect our subscribed clients and communities we still ask that you take the necessary precautions with regards to vehicle and home safety.

Range Rovers and other luxury SUV’s are regularly being stolen across vast areas of the South East, North London and Home Counties. We understand many of our clients drive these vehicles so we urge them to take caution and where possible, block these cars in on driveways when left unattended. Where possible, try and park another, less desirable, vehicle in-front of your Range Rovers, ultimately blocking them in and making them harder to steal. Range Rovers in particular are being targeted above other cars as organised crime gangs are ‘stealing to order’. Our information sharing agreement with local police tell us that Range Rovers are being identified, stolen and then shipped overseas where they can no longer be tracked.


Commercial Security

Last week an LSS client approached one of our residential patrol officers to share some concerns they had regarding commercial security. Their business premises had unfortunately been broken into no fewer than 3 times in the last 12 months. The resident was unaware that LSS also provide comprehensive Commercial Security, designed to protect businesses in the same way we successfully protect people’s homes. The following day we were pleased to carry out a full site survey, providing a free bespoke quote for commercial security at the gentleman’s business premises.

If you feel your business could benefit from our commercial security expertise contact us today for a free site survey. All existing LSS Residential Security clients can receive up to 20% off Commercial Security subscriptions.