LSS are pleased to report that there have been no notable security incidents over the past week within any of its patrol zones.

Whilst our security presence continues to deter criminals from operating within our patrol zones, the unprotected roads and neighbourhoods adjacent to our operations continue to fall victim to a range of common crime trends. The most notable being that of keyless entry vehicle theft and in particular Range Rovers. As reported previously, on several occasions, these luxury high end vehicles are being targeted across the UK by organised crime gangs. To help protect against this kind of vehicle theft, purchase a Theft Block signal blocker box today, direct from the LSS Store.

Day time break-ins and burglaries are also on the rise across the UK as brazen thieves take advantage of people returning to work. This follows a period of almost 18 months where residents were encouraged to stay and work at home throughout the pandemic. For more information on protecting your home read our recent article regarding home safety. If you’ve returned to work and are concerned about home security, consider the benefits of our exclusive Rapid Response security service, ProResponse+. Book your free ProResponse+ consultation today.

Lastly, a crime wave also linked to the COVID pandemic is that of dog theft. We are still hearing numerous reports each week of beloved pet dogs being stolen in broad daylight. This has been a direct result of increased demand for puppies to help keep people entertained whilst being forced to stay home. With breeders charging up to £3,000 for some pedigree breeds, thieves have taken advantage of the soaring purchasing costs. To find out more about protecting your family pet, read our recent article here.