London Security Syndicate are pleased to report that each of our patrol areas have very little to report this week with no notable crimes or suspicious activity recorded. Our patrol team presence within residential communities continues to act as a valuable deterrent to criminals. We have however taken the time to speak to residents where possible to discuss further preventative measures and things our clients can do ensure their property and family remain safe.

Whilst no events of note have occurred within our patrol zones in the last week, adjacent roads and neighbourhoods not currently protected by LSS have been impacted by events similar to those of which we have reported in previous weeks.

Significant number of catalytic converter thefts reported in the Stanmore area. Whilst the issue is a national problem, in the last week a worryingly high number of the thefts have been reported in Stanmore leaving motorists out of pocket. Find out more about catalytic converter theft and tips on prevention.

North London & Hertfordshire
As previously reported, parts of North London and Hertfordshire continue to experience an alarming number of dog thefts. In the last week there were several instances of dogs being snatched in Totteridge, from their owners in broad daylight. Dog owners are being targeted in public parks and quiet roads with criminals pulling up in vans snatching dogs away in front of their owners. The stress caused by such an event can be understandably devastating so we urge all dog owners to remain vigilant and try to keep their dogs on a secure lead at all times. Aim to stick to busy public spaces with large numbers of other people or dog walkers where possible.

For tips and advance on preventing dog theft, check out our past article.

Providing added value for our clients
Last week LSS launched a brand new online store where customers can order hi-vis crime deterrent products including custom printed bin stickers, window stickers and security plaques. All LSS customers can now order FREE complimentary items from the store. If you have not already done so, head over to the store now and order your complimentary LSS branded items.

Complimentary Items:
3 x Custom Printed Wheelie Bin Stickers – Printed with your house number/name and street address. (Max 3 stickers per customer, £3.99 per sticker thereafter)
1 x Exclusive LSS Security Plaque – Premium security plaque to attach outside your property. (Max 1 plaque per customer, £14.99 per plaque thereafter)
1 x Vinyl Window Sticker – Outward facing vinyl sticker, easy application, no mess. (Max 1 sticker per customer, £1.99 per sticker thereafter)

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