In the UK, summertime means getting out and about and enjoying time outside. As well as entertaining in our back gardens it is the season of Festivals, craft fairs and county shows.

Festivals, fairs and outdoor events have become more and more popular over recent years, many more groups choose to host events to entertain, exhibit and sell goods as well as hold functions to raise charity funds.    

When organising an event, it is imperative that it can be enjoyed safely by all participating and visiting. LSS have listed all the considerations needed when it comes to planning your event.


When selecting a venue for your event it is important that you work out exactly what the needs are for the type of event you are holding.

How many people are you expecting to attend?

Size matters, if the event is ticketed you know exactly how many people will be attending, if not you will need to consider the top end of possible numbers.

Is the access suitable?

If a lot of people are arriving at the same time the entrance needs to be large enough and suitably manned to allow people to flow easily.

Is there parking available?

Parking is very important for many events, if there is no parking it can put people off depending on the type of event. Consider if security or stewards will be required just for parking.

Are there public transport links close by?

Train and bus access nearby is always useful and will encourage a bigger turnout.

Is there access for emergency vehicles?

If the event is in a field, there must be easy access for emergency vehicles to get onsite should they be required.

Is there accessibility?

Under the Equality Act 2010, venues and events must take reasonable steps to make sure disabled people are not disadvantaged. This could mean having ramps where necessary and information in an accessible format.


Once you have your location and you know its big enough it is important that everything is set up according to your crowd capacity. When setting up the various elements and areas of the event there must be enough room for people to move freely and stay comfortable. Bottlenecks and overcrowding can cause stress and tension.


It is worth thinking about crowd arrivals. If ticketed, electronic digital scanning can be a quick way to get folks through the gate. There are many ways to set up buying tickets online using safe payment portals like PayPal. Selling tickets on the entrance can be time consuming and lead to long lines. Take all this into consideration when manning entrances.


Depending on the event you may require bag screening, for this purpose a professional security firm like LSS is able to handle bag searches or screening with speed and efficiency.

It is advisable to inform visitors of the rules and requirements when it comes to bringing bags and refreshments into the event beforehand, this will stop any disagreements at the entrance.


If your event is providing refreshments, there needs to be enough outlets to meet the needs of your visitors. Having huge numbers wait in line for drink or food will make people irritated, leading to confrontations and discontent.


Toilet facilities including disabled access are a legal requirement if more than 100 people are likely to attend. Baby changing facilities are a bonus if the event is family orientated.


At both small and large events managing a crowd can be difficult, the people may need to be managed over a large area. Hiring security personnel to do this is always advisable. Security companies such as LSS have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep crowds safe and happy. Security guards will carry radios to enable communication with each other in order to address any issues quickly and without problem.

Having the relevant security training to deal with difficult situations or diffuse any possible altercations is a skill that can be invaluable at large events. CCTV can be provided for added safety, enabling every area to have adequate cover to keep people safe and well.


It is important to do a risk assessment on your event. Consider all the things that could possibly happen and what would need to be done if the worse should occur. Depending on the size of the event there will be a requirement for certain services to be onsite or nearby. Your local council or authority will be able to advise on this.


When holding a temporary event, it is necessary to get in touch with the local authority to see what licenses you may require. Getting as much information as possible before going ahead with any planning is without doubt essential, in order to make sure what you want to do is allowed. If you go ahead without permission or the relevant paperwork in place you could be stopped in your tracks, fined and be considerably out of pocket.


Insurance is required at any event and to be adequately covered for public liability, employers’ liability, cancellation and equipment loss is of the utmost importance. Many insurance companies will provide specialised event cover.


Festivals and summer events should be fun, safe and enjoyable for everyone. Detailed planning is key to a successful event that will be remembered for all the right reasons. LSS London are happy to advise on any event security that may be required. Whatever the size, whether it’s in a field, an inside venue, an arena or stadium we can tailor a package to suit your needs.