Sadly, the start of the school summer holidays always sees a rise in the reports of vandalism across the country. Youths egged on by their friends consider the damage they do as pranks, when in fact it is criminal damage.   

Vandalism is a crime where property is maliciously damaged or destroyed for no obvious reason. There is often no theft involved although it is of course costly to the property owners, who must repair or replace the damage.

Vandalism comes in many guises. It can be the defacing of property with paint or corrosive substances, the smashing of windows, damaging vehicles and breaking property belonging to others. Throwing eggs at a property is also classed as vandalism.

LSS London specializes in security and has some sound advice on protecting your property from vandals.


Often homeowners feel a high hedge or wall at the front of their property is a deterrent, this is not always the case as sometimes you are just creating a screen for vandals to hide behind,  unseen by neighbours and passing traffic. A one-metre-high wall or fence is high enough to mark your boundary but allow visibility.

Secure Your Property

Keep the sides and rear of your property secured. If you have a side gate, keep it locked. Keep your fences in good order with prickly shrubs in your borders to make it painful for any intruders.


Low-energy dusk until dawn lighting at the front, sides and rear of a house will make the property less attractive to vandals. The lights should be high up and if possible, have casings that are vandal-proof.


No criminal wants to be filmed so installing cameras high up on your property can be a good deterrent. Cameras are relatively cheap to purchase and are linked to your smartphone for alerts.


If the front of your property’s boundary is vague, there is no clear message as to where it is. A low wall, fence, hedge or shrubs all make your boundary clear. If you have a front-drive without a gate, it’s a good idea to use a different coloured stone or surface to make your boundary obvious.


An alleyway along the side of your property can make it more vulnerable, fencing must be strong and secure. A low wall to the front of your house can be a magnet for youths to perch on, making it uncomfortable with uneven stones or planting. If you have white-painted walls use an anti-graffiti coating. Keep dustbins away from the fence so they can’t be used as climbing aids.

Windows & Doors

Secure your windows and doors with the best locks you can afford. Use window film on the inside of windows that are easily accessed, this makes them harder to smash.

Keep It Neat

It is important to keep the area outside your house neat and tidy. Leaving rubbish or anything lying around that can be used to damage your property is asking for trouble. If you have bricks, stones or any heavy loose objects outside your home consider that these can be used as missiles.

Commercial Property

Unattended commercial property is often a target for vandals. Business owners should consider their security measures to prevent this expensive damage. Good fencing, lighting, cameras and alarms are all the best deterrents. If you need any security advice for your business LSS London is available to discuss and provide security solutions for companies of any size.

Report It

Any vandalism should be reported to the police. You may think there is no point as the culprits may be not seen or the damage is minimal. Reporting the crime helps the police to look at patterns in certain areas, anti-social behaviour and vandalism often go hand in hand. The more information the police have, the greater the chance of catching the vandals.

If you require any further information on security to protect your property, either domestic or commercial do not hesitate to contact LSS London.