In the time it takes to read this opening paragraph, a criminal can make their way onto your property, unlock your vehicle remotely using relatively cheap and easily attainable technology and drive away, unchallenged. No alarms. No smashed windows. No tyre-screeching get-away. 18 seconds and your vehicle has been successfully stolen. 

Whilst the timeframe sounds almost impossible, the reality is that this short sequence of events has robbed thousands of victims of their vehicles in recent years. Keyless-car theft hasn’t put an end to traditional car theft either. Over 100,000 vehicles are stolen each year in the UK, however it is keyless-car tech that has led to a dramatic increase in the theft of Range Rovers, Land Rovers, BMW’s and Mercedes from driveways up and down the country.

Whilst police should always be called in the event of a vehicle theft, the sad truth is, unless there is an immediate ‘threat to life’, vehicle theft is not considered to be a crime requiring immediate response. If your vehicle is already gone you could expect an officer to visit the following day to follow-up but any hope of foiling a theft in progress is slim. What’s worse is, LSS are starting to learn of similar response times when dealing with break-ins or burglaries.

LSS London have operated Residential Security Patrols across London and the South East for over a decade and in that time, our patrol teams have successfully prevented hundreds of residential crimes, most commonly car theft or burglary. Our presence alone acts as a highly effective deterrent but even then, criminals can be impossible to spot until a crime is actually committed. At that point, they can be in an out of an area, undetected within minutes. That’s why LSS have devised an industry-leading new service called ProResponse+.

ProReponse+ combines state-of-the-art technology with rapid response patrol units, providing you with a powerful new tool to combat crime, as and when it occurs. Our bespoke system uses tried and tested, best-in-class sensor technology to detect unexpected movement around your property and vehicles. The smart sensors are linked to our residential patrol teams delivering real-time notifications of any unexpected movement outside your property. When triggered, our rapid response teams are positioned to be outside your home in a matter of seconds, allowing us to conduct a thorough search of the grounds and ensure no trespassers are present. In the event that a criminal could be present we are able to apprehend the suspect until police are able to attend.

Since launching in late 2020, ProResponse+ has already prevented several break-ins and multiple vehicle thefts, saving potential victims thousands in damages and insurance costs. At a time when budget-cuts continue to hamper police resources, LSS clients are benefitting from the peace of mind that their home and vehicles are being closely guarded by our ProResponse+ service.

The equipment used is small and discreet, strategically placed at access points around your property and/or vehicles. The system can be configured to include additional sensors and CCTV equipment where necessary, providing our rapid response team officers with a comprehensive real-time overview of the situation as it progresses.

ProResponse+ is an exclusive service available to Residential Security Patrol clients only.

To find out how ProResponse+ can protect you, your property and your family, fill out the form on our website and an LSS agent will arrange a time to discuss the potential benefits of our incredible new service.

LSS ProResponse+ system includes 3 sensors as standard for only £1,200+VAT, including free installation. Additional sensors can be purchased at £250+VAT per sensor. Monthly ProResponse+ subscription required to link to our Rapid Response Patrol Units at £49.99+VAT per month, minimum 12 month subscription.