The importance of security for any business is paramount, crime is at an all-time high in all sectors of industry across the UK, and companies need to ensure they have adequate security cover to protect their premises, products, employees and customers.

Security needs vary considerably; information online can be mind-boggling, so it is advisable to engage with a professional security company like LSS London. We can visit and inspect your business, then provide you with an informed assessment of what security measures are best suited to you.

Commercial businesses have over the years been heavily reliant on manned security patrols and night watchmen, these patrols are first-rate and mean that when there is any type of breach of the premises or disturbance they are on site and ready to respond. They provide a visible deterrent to criminals and can apprehend an individual engaging in criminal activity immediately.

There are many added benefits to having a professional security officer, the guard can look out for any suspicious behaviour and prevent vandalism 24/7. They have the flexibility to be able to check other areas or sites as required. A security officer can allow access to any out-of-hours maintenance and deliveries.

A larger site may require more than one guard, which of course adds to the cost of any security.

CCTV Guarding is an efficient security measure, cameras can be a deterrent to some criminals. The knowledge they are being watched and security is on the way can put off all but the most determined criminals.  

So how do you decide what is right for your business?

LSS London provide a free inspection of your premises to help you work out what level of security works for your business. There are numerous options open to you and we can offer a comprehensive package that is tailored to your needs and budget.

Static Guards

A Static Guard remains in one area and oversees the whole site. They are an obvious deterrent to criminals and are available to allow access to maintenance teams out of hours and deal with any emergency that arises. LSS can also provide a security officer that doubles up as reception personnel for your visitors.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols cover a larger area than a static guard, LSS has highly trained SIA-licenced mobile security guards, these officers can work either on foot or in hi-vis vehicles. They respond immediately to any alarm or breach of the premises, can deal with the emergency services and provide a detailed report on any disturbance. A mobile security unit can be requested for random patrolling to check all is well or as a 24/7 or overnight dedicated service for your business.

CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV remote monitoring involves placing cameras around the premises to monitor activity. LSS provide CCTV monitoring services that can give you peace of mind that your business is being protected at all times of the day and night. Our security officers will respond without delay to any sign of a break-in or when an alarm is activated.

At LSS London, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to security, it may be that your business could benefit from a combination of physical guards and CCTV monitoring, whatever your requirements we pride ourselves on providing a professional, trustworthy service with complete transparency on our competitive pricing.

We have been protecting businesses across London, Hertfordshire and the Home Counties for over 15 years and have an information-sharing agreement with the police, which ensures we are well-placed to advise business owners on current crime trends in their area.

If you require any further information on any of our services, please call LSS on 0330 1330 226 or drop us an email.