Over the weekend (11th and 12th of December), there have been confirmed reports of 4 break-ins/burglaries in the Radlett area.

None of the effected properties are protected under LSS Residential Patrols, however, as a result of these incidents, we have significantly increased our patrol presence in the area.

Whilst it cannot be confirmed, there is a strong possibility that the area is being targeted by a single group or individual as the proximity and timing of the incidents are consistent with such criminal behaviour. 

Whilst LSS patrols are an effective deterrent on the road-side of properties, back gardens and rear entrances are vulnerable to trespass and rear-entry break-ins, particularly given the vast amount of woodland that backs onto many Radlett homes. 

As always, our patrol officers will remain extremely vigilant, performing increased checks and border patrols however we do ask LSS clients to regularly review the security of their home’s access points, particularly garden fencing and any boundary lines backing onto open land or woodland. If you have concerns about areas of vulnerability in or around your home or would like a security review of your property’s access points please contact enquiries@lsslondon.co.uk. 

Whilst none of the targeted properties were protected by LSS, we appreciate that these crimes can cause alarm even for those who are subscribed to our services. The more homes that subscribe to LSS Residential Security Patrols, the more officers and hi-visibility vehicles we deploy to the area. This in turn significantly increases our presence whilst ultimately making neighbourhoods less desirable to criminals.


Referral Programme – Free Security Patrols

If you feel your neighbour or friend could benefit from becoming a member of our security patrols refer them today and we will reward you with 1 month’s free security*. You can refer as many people as you would like and we’ll credit you with 1 free month’s security for each successful sign up. 12 referrals = 1 years worth of free LSS Residential Security Patrol service.


*T&Cs apply.

1. Referrals will be rewarded upon the successful sign up of new LSS Residential Security Patrol clients.

2. Referees must state at the time of sign up the full name of the referrer (you) in order for the referrer to receive referral reward. 

3. Credit will be redeemed against the next billing date unless the referral was made less than 7 days prior to the next billing date. Where the successful referral was made less than 7 days before the next billing date, the credit will be applied to the following billing date. 

4. 1 referral = 1 free month of LSS Residential Security Patrol service (whereby ‘month’ refers to one month billing cycle, e.g 1st of February to 28th February. 

5. Referrer may make unlimited referrals.

6. No cash or refund will be offered in exchange for a successful referral. 

7. Credit to be redeemed against standard LSS Residential Security Patrol service only and excludes additional paid services such as key holding, rapid response and emergency call outs. 

8. LSS may withdraw the offer at any time and management will have the final say with regards to the validity of a referral. 

9. Offer applies to the successful sign up of NEW LSS clients only, or former clients who have not employed the services of LSS within the last 12 months.